Tuesday, July 12, 2005

A Big, Blogging, Blueberry, Day

I have decided to blog....

Now perhaps I can post pictures and instead of everyone having to get emails every other day you can come to the blog when you need an update or a picture fix.

Today we picked blueberries at a blueberry farm nearby. The picture above is of the 10 pounds of Blueberries we picked...The kids (and I) had fun.

So this is the first, of hopefully, many happy blogging memories (note the bit of sarcasm)

By the way....I picked La Vida Dulce...translated: the sweet life....(it's also the name of one of my favorite coffees) becasue I liked it...it can be my tag line....kind of like the Mexican Martha Stewart....only NICER!




cdub said...

hey, hey, welcome to the blogger's circle! :)