Monday, June 29, 2009

Gladitudes: The Weekend

I'm participating in Gretchen's Glatitudes today. 

Here is my Gladitudes list:

10. Glad that in the midst of a busy weekend, The Mister and I were able to have several great conversations.

9. Glad that my garden is starting to look like it might actually produce something other than weeds. I'm pretty sure I am going to have some cucumbers, sweet peas, and tomatoes sometime this summer.

8. Glad the devotion I led on Sunday evening (at a bridal shower) went well. And that when the hostess asked me to bring my guitar I brought it (even though I hadn't picked it up since Christmas, and thought about "forgetting" to bring it).  It ended up being a really precious time of worship. I would have really been sad to have missed it...rusty fingers and all.

7. So excited for friends who will be married next Saturday. The reception is a luau! How fun is that? Glad I'm finally going to get to wear my Hawaiian shirt again.
6. Glad that The Girl and I gave each other pedicures yesterday. And that we went to see the play The Matchmaker together on Friday night! The high schoolers did incredibly well!

5. Glad my knees are feeling better after abstaining from running for almost four days (even though I did complain to my Physical Therapist about it. For some reason he keeps saying something about my being non-compliant. What?)

4. Glad that when my husband (aka: Physical Therapist) taught Sunday school on 2 Corinthians Four he smiled at me when he read the 16th verse:
Therefore we do not lose heart. Though outwardly we are wasting away, yet inwardly we are being renewed day by day. 
I guess what he was saying is that it sucks to get old (knees included), but there is always the hope of eternity!  :)

3. Glad that I get to see the TheCarpoolQueen  and her BFF Whimzie in just 10 days!!! Not that I'm excited or anything.

2. Glad for dinner with friends on Saturday night.

1. Glad for a full weekend, and a full week ahead....

Happy Monday!


Anonymous said...

ooo such a fun carnival! The 2 corn. 4 story cracked me up! I hope you have a great week :-)

Carpool Queen said...

You play the guitar???? This is news to me. I'll have to break out my flute and we can form a traveling band. Or just sit in the corner and strum at Starbucks and see if anyone tosses change our way.

Anonymous said...

I was in "The Matchmaker" in college. Fun stuff. You know (I'm sure) that "Hello, Dolly!" was based on that play. Fun stuff!

I love your Hawaiian shirt and am very encouraged by the "rusty fingers" gladitude. I so wish I had more time to learn my guitar!! Unfortunately, it boasts more dust than practice. Hopefully this summer I can work on it.

Oh, and I think that's so cute about your hubby/PT and the Bible study. Sweet!

Tiffani said...

OHH, I wanna sing in the LaVidaCarpool Band!!

I had some great convos w/ my hubby this weekend too and I was delish. Enjoyed every minute..

Happy you're better and happy for all of your gladdies!

Anonymous said...

Should I make sure the movers don't pack my flute so we can hold an impromptu concert?

Let me just say that number 3 on your list? Yeah, it's the goal that has my sanity wrapped all the way around it. It's the anticipated highlight of my future days and it's my current happy place.

Gretchen said...

So it's a flute choir of 3 and a fabulous guitarist. Okay then. A date on the nearest street corner. Should we play for P.T. reimbursement or some other such fun event? I didn't know you played either. So fun. My kiddos have their lessons today, in fact. Electric for J. and Bass for D.

So excited for your MIRL with Whimz and time with CPQ.

Uninterrupted conversations with hubbies? Fab.

Kendra said...

The hubs is a PT? I would totally be taking advantage of him if my hubs was one. So good to have a glad list. I may need to make one some day!

Such The Spot said...

Aw. How cute is it that the Mister did the equivalent of playing footsies with you under the table while he taught SS?

And I love your shirt btw. You should wear it more often just because.

Tracey said...

What a fun post! I linked to your blog from my post...thought I would join in the fun.

Let me know when you and CPQ open at the local coffee house...I'm there!

really.truly said...

Your Hawaiian shirt is are beautiful.

Having a hubby who is a pt...priceless!

You, Susan and Amy together in one place....pure fun.

Amber said...

Love your list!!! Good stuff to be gladdie glad for!!!

Love your shirt!! :)

Lori said...

I'm getting the best ideas from fellow bloggers today - first Jen's summer list and now this. I love the idea of being more deliberate about giving thanks! Great list. :)

Alyssa said...

Such fun things to be thankful about! I love how your "physical therapist" thought that verse fit you so well!

Candace said...

You get cooler by the minute. Guitar? That's awesome. My dad gave me one for my birthday a couple of years before he passed away. I tried to pick it up, but life has a way of passing me by and I couldn't squeeze learning a new instrument into the equation. Now it sits in my little boy's closet... waiting.
And Zeke WILL play it one day if I have anything to say about it.

Also- you hubby is a PT? What a great vocation. ;) We're awesome, you know.

And sorry about the injury. It really stinks having to sit out for a while, but just think... you'll be all the stronger for it.

Concluding long message....

now. :)