Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Encouraging Pencil Pusher

I found a fun gift while window shopping in Michigan a couple weeks ago.

I was looking for something fun to bring home to the kids. 

Honestly, I was thinking t-shirts or water bottles, or something original like that, but what I came home with were these:
You'd've thunk I'd brought home gold. 

The kids loved their pencils. 

They quickly divvied them up, as if I had whittled, painted and monogrammed them myself, and they have placed them in their rooms in spots that are easily seen.

I suggested they put them in the pencil drawer, so they would could use them when school starts. They said the were "never going to sharpen them". They wanted to keep them where they could read them.

Which made me laugh. 

And made me think.

I too was drawn to those pretty little pencils. Drawn by the power of words.

They can build us up. Or tear us down.

Oh, that I may always use good ones!


Anonymous said...

I love pencils. Always have. Those are some particularly wonderful pencils. And this was a particularly wonderful post. I'll be thinking on this for the rest of the day.

Tracey said...

I LOVE the pencils! And I LOVE your blog...and I LOVE getting comments from new friends on my blog! Thank you for visiting..as soon as I saw your name, I thought "yay, it's CPQ's coffee friend!"

Have a magnolia fragrance filled day :D

Tiffani said...

That's my kind of souvenir!

So glad the La Vidalings loved them..shows such sweet character in their hearts!

Words. Such truth in what you said about them!

Amber said...

I love the smell of new pencils. And it breaks my heart to sharpen beautiful pencils. So your kids are after my own heart!!

Those are GREAT souviners. And it speaks volumes about your kiddos that they thought so, too!!

Anonymous said...

Those are cool.

Gretchen said...

Darling. Both the gift and your kids' reactions to it. You've raised thm right. )

Kendra said...

Love those pencils. I used to collect them as a kid, never sharpening them. I understand why they don't want to!

Woman Interrupted said...

Isn't the power of our words, (even if we just say them to ourselves) the reason we blog?!

Love the pencils...what a cute little goodie for the kids!

Becky said...

fun and beats a t-shirt!

Candace said...

Those are awesome!

Alyssa said...

I love your kids' reactions! How precious!

I'm on a word kick lately. I've read several books about the power of words (Words That Hurt, Words That Heal by Carole Mayhall and Sticks and Stones by Ace Collins) and have been reminded how important it is to rein in my tongue. Those pencils are great reminders!

Carpool Queen said...

My kids LOVE pencils. What a great idea to give them some that inspire them at school.

Unknown said...

Those are great pencils - and there is nothing quite like a set of brand new ones....such potential!

I am making our kids teachers some gifts made out of pencils - watch for them on my blog :)

Thanks for your visit.

The Buntens said...

Ah - great post. I doubt you ever use anything but sweet words!

Love those pencils. What is it about pencils that we love so much?

Anonymous said...

oo such fun pencils! I love all school supplies! I love that they don't want to use them just read them :-)

really.truly said...

Very true...words are so powerful.

Love those pencils!