Tuesday, June 30, 2009

A Sundry Post

There are several things I just want to tell you...

...I had a very fun day with TheCarPoolQueen. We took our combined five children out for donuts and a trip to the museum.

...I was worried at first because my kids were so. very. tired. They were walking a fine line toward being unsocial, but after a little Krispie Kreme sugar and they perked up. 

...I too wasn't feeling so hot when I arrived at the CPQ household. It's amazing what a chocolate covered creme filled donut and a cup of hot java (with real cream! Yikes!) will do for a girl.

...The CPQ Triplets scare me just a little, for one reason alone, they are smarter than me.

While sitting in a "class" on birds and dinosaurs (in which we were the only ones in attendance) Baby B raised his hand. The scientist said, "Yes, you have a question?"  

Baby B says something about the genetic coding of DNA in the wooly mammoth, or the carrier pigeon, and that by crossing something-or-other-with-something-else, it would be quite possible to bring the dinosaurs back.

If that sentence didn't make sense, let me tell you its because this 36 year old woman has no earthly idea what he said....but the professional scientist he was talking to, knew exactly what he was was saying!  

Honestly, I'm thinking about convincing TheCarPoolQueen to pull him out of fourth grade next year and bringing him to my house to homeschool me and my kids. 

Ok moving on....

...Often, while running in the early morning, I have experienced various situations. Snakes, deer, dogs, a rooster who crows every time I run by his house. But the hardest thing to encounter while on an early morning run is the smell of someone making pancakes and bacon. It has happened several times in the last two weeks and its like torture, I tell you.

...I have some exciting things planned around the blog during the week of July 6 - 11. On the seventh it my Bloggy Birthday!! Celebrating four years of blogging is fun for me. Who knew I would stick with this thing. Anyway, there may be some fun things around here that week, that may require you to know certain information...so keep reading in the days to come.

...Lastly, (as a Public Service Announcement to the kids) I want it to be known that we are having Spaghetti tonight. We are not having grilled chicken, or grilled chicken wraps, or sandwiches, or grilled chicken salad, or smoothies, or cereal, or anything cold, or remotely like chicken. 

I hope you enjoy it. Because the next seven nights, well, you know what we're having. 


Gretchen said...

I liked sundry.

Would love for Baby B to meet my son. Sounds like they are kindred spirits. David about wore out the docents at the dinosaur museum in Seattle, and at Monticello--in second grade. I've become a bobble-head doll, saying, "Oh, yeah? Really? Cool. I didn't know that." His knowledge is sometimes handy for me, too. Like the other day when someone mentioned a missions trip to Togo, I simply had to lean over and ask him where it was and got a detailed explanation for my effort.

Sorry about the pancakes and bacon. Mmmmm bacon.

About the only good thing about the snake is that it would make me run faster.

Nice PSA. We need those around here too.

Carpool Queen said...

I would love to say that I taught him everything he knows. Sadly, that would be a lie.

And any thought of taking up running was dismissed by the words "snake" and "dog". Bacon and pancakes will do me just fine.

Jackie said...

Looking forward to your Bloggy Anniversary weekend! And I'll be emailing you soon....

Your time with CPQ and triplets sounds like SO much fun. And wow - they do sound super, super smart. I'd be a little scared, too. ;)

really.truly said...


Throw in some doughnuts, the museum and all your kids=wonderful

Anonymous said...

hehehe glad the kiddos are having something other than chicken.. I do a lot of things in the crock pot in the summer to keep the house cooler! oo Krispie Kreme sounds awesome right now!

Anonymous said...

Glad you, CPQ, and all the children had a great time! I've been promised there will be KKs when I get to N.C. next week.

Baby B makes my heart smile. How I love him! (I'm also a big fan of A & C.)

Can't wait to help you celebrate your Bloggy Birthday. Will there be cake? And tell your kids to be happy they're being fed real food from an actual home kitchen. It's "fend for yourself" time in these parts this week!