Friday, June 26, 2009

If You Can't Beat 'Em, Join Em

Several of my bloggy friends are going "random" today.

Me too.

~ There is a church I pass nearly everyday with a sign that reads:

Vacation Bible School
June 22th - June 26th
6:30 - 8:30

I know I should be the last person to be a nit-picker, but, June twenty-twoth? Really?

~ Swimming at the pool has been a challenge for me this year. I have had a hard time "getting in" with the moms there. This is weird for me because honestly, are we all still in junior high?
I've tried being friendly; Smiling; Trying to make eye contact. Some of the women have been down right rude. Why can't women just be nice to each other?

~ However, I have gotten so much reading done at the pool, it borders on ludicrous. 

~ Right now I am more than half-way through In the Blink of an Eye by Ted Dekker. It's good!

~ Let's go back to the pool again. I read this post on Finding Balance and it was such a good one for me to read. I wish I wasn't guilty of comparisons, but I am. I came home and read the following quote from this (very long) post on comparisons:
Comparison is the quickest road to failure. It's a forked path. One way leads to Discontent. The other leads to the sister-cities: Never Starting or Quitting
Both roads lead to Nowhere.
The thing that smacked the most? 

I wrote it.

~ I have spent almost an hour this afternoon at Cake Wrecks (thanks CPQ) laughing. I thought I might pee in my pants with the post on June 25th

~I'm disappointed because The Mister's promotion ceremony is scheduled for July 31th st, and I will be in Arizona. I am so sad because I have always been there to pin on his new rank. 

~ I am suddenly very happy because I just realized it was Friday! Yay!

~ In a weird way, I am already feeling ready to start school again. Of course, we've been finished since Memorial Day, but school was tough last year. I am surprised I am feeling ready to begin again. I actually miss it. 

~ All right, The Mister just called and I haven't even begun to think about what to make for supper! 

Have a great weekend!


Carpool Queen said...

The pool, the beach, the kitchen, the decorating - there's no end to the list of things we can compare ourselves to. And it all leads to misery.

God, the Mister, your kids, and CPQ think you rock.

What more is there?

Candace said...

Man... I can't wait to be able to read at the pool. I know... I know... enjoy it while it lasts because they won't be little for long... but I've got to admit- sometimes I look at that lounge chair longingly as my two-year-old clings to me with his floaties and his ring on. Sigh. One day. ;)

And to echo the awesomeness of CPQ, you DO rock. :)

Amber said...

I notice stuff like twenty-twoth, too. And it resembles fingernails on the chalkboard for me.

I'm reading a TD book right now, too....veddy veddy good.

Kendra said...

As a person who get accused of being rude or snobby often, may I suggest that perhaps, like myself, they are shy and insecure? You never know. Of course, they could be mean girls to the core, but myself I am never one to make the first move or gesture. Too shy to do so. Just a thought!

I'm grammar police, too. Maybe they need to take up a special offering to by more sign labels? I'm just sayin'!

Gretchen said...

22th, huh? Sorta like the Facebook quiz I took which said "layed back". 'Course, I leave most of my good grammar and conventions behind in the blogosphere.

LVCG, there is only one you, and I'm gladdy mcglad that I am getting the chance to learn about, pray for, and lurve on you. There's your Mister Rogers moment for the day. But truly...if I could pour a vat of self esteem over the top of us all, I would. Maybe it'd help those stuck up women at swim ptc. For they're prolly comparers, too.

really.truly said...

Yes....what is it with some women ?? I posted recently about adult bullies. Now, the caddiness at the pool is not bullying, but seriously I've noticed so.much.junior high. junk! Caddiness(rude) is just as wrong as bullying. What you described at your pool....I get from some local homeschool moms.Ugh, I'll stop my rant ;)

Congratulations to the Mister!

I'm going to read the "comparisons" post now:)

Hillcrest Cottage said...

I agree with all. I especially relate to what Kendra has said. Before you write them off as snobs...would you please give them a chance by making the first gesture beyond eye contact? I have found that everyone is insecure in some way. We all desperately try to cover it up in what ever way works for us!
Please report back and let us know how it goes for you!

stephanie j. said...

Maybe the guy who volunteers to do the church sign is a dentist - twenty-tooth...get it? ha ha. I must have gotten a lot of sleep last night.

I am also reading a Dekker book right now (well, technically 3): Black, Red and White. I described it as "word crack"...I can't put the dumb thing down, but on the other hand, it is SOOOO STRANGE that I'm not sure I am gittin' it.

Isn't Cake Wreck's AWFUL? It is SO funny...especially late at night when you're supposed to be in bed and you are trying to stifle the giggling.

Jewel said...

I've really missed reading your posts! Random is perfect...I'm totally there this week.

I just finished In the blink of an Eye! I finished it yesterday while waiting 6 1/2 hours in the DMV. I hadn't read Ted Dekker before and I really liked it. Love me a little love mixed with science fiction!

I haven't been to Cake Wrecks for a long time so I'll have to go there next:) June 25th you say?

Unknown said...

Random works for me :)

Confession - I did not spot the mistake when I first saw your quote of the sign - oooops!

jen said...

Some random comments:
-Reading at the pool! OY! I wish...I'm so busy making sure that no one is drowning that I can't even think of reading...but it was good to imagine myself being able to read there for a minute!

-I'm sorry that those other moms aren't welcoming you; they just don't know what they are missing!

-Pinning on rank - man, that makes me SO darn nervous. I don't know why, but I feel so silly whenever I've done it...and I haven't done it every time.

-Cake Wrecks - love that site; practically pee my pants with every visit too!

Anonymous said...

I wonder why women do that to each other as well! I hope your having a great weekend!!

Anonymous said...

Have you ever read Eats, Shoots, and Leaves? If you're a catcher of errors, you would enjoy that book. I love it.

I've never read Dekker but I want to. He's on my list.

K will have a pin-on as soon as we get moved. I have some planning to do!

I think I'm going to miss homeschooling this year.