Tuesday, June 09, 2009

10 on 10: Things I'll do Today

There is nothing I like more than a list.

Well, that's not entirely true. 

But I do enjoy The List, and today I am going to play in the carnival Mer, of Life@7000feet, is hosting.

Without further wordiness, I present: The 10 things I will do before and after the second half of my root canal (the post and temporary crown) later this morning.


1. Finish this delicious cup of hot coffee. Maybe have a second.

2. Shred. So I can burn off the Root Canal Anticipation energy.

3. Take the mini-van to the tire shop to figure out why the front left tire is always losing so much air.

4. Find receipt for aforementioned tire -- We just bought it nine months ago.

5. Start putting game face on. (When going to the dentist, I am stoic and calm on the outside, and crying like a girl on the in)


6. Drink tequila shooters a grande, non-fat, Cinnamon Dolce Latte from Starbucks to calm my nerves. Hope I don't dribble on myself.

7. Drive back to my side of town on new T &T (tire and tooth)

8. Chew something (anything!) on the left side of my mouth. 

8-1/2. Be thankful for a good dentist, health insurance and being able to smile with all my teeth again.

9. Take a nap. To rest up for the....

10. Drive north for dinner with a friend.

So there is the La Vida List for the day.

Happy Tuesday!


really.truly said...

I like the amount of coffee in this list.

I hope all went well with your root canal!

Carpool Queen said...

You're my hero, for no way could I be stoic on the outside. My inner screaming Mimi (no offense to the real Mimi) would come barrelling out.

Unknown said...

Not a fan of root canal treatment (but who is?!). Hope both T & T go well.

mer@lifeat7000feet said...

Hope your new T & T go well!

I'll say a prayer for you!

Lori said...

I share your love of lists as well, and hope that you have an easy recovery! :)

Anonymous said...

ooo you are so brave! Good luck today.. today is catch up on laundry day.. not much fun going on at our house :-)

Farming On Faith said...

I am saying a prayer for you and your root canal. I was a Dental Assistant for years. I hated to assist in Root Canals! Look forward to your dinner and think happy thoughts!

Charity said...

Hope everything goes well at the dentist!! Looking forward to having coffee with you on Friday

Allison said...

I had a crown put in about a month ago for a cracked tooth. I didn't have to have a root canal (this time), but I have had one before. I hope it went smoothly!

Good news, too! You won the giveaway I had for one of my followers! Could you please email me privately your address and I will send it, pronto! Congrats!!!!! The post is up on my blog about how you became the winner!

Tiffani said...

T & T??!! That made me laugh out loud!!

Hope you get everything done and more and I'm praying over your tooth!!

Amber said...

The nap part is my most favorite thing on your list!

Hope the root canal went well. As well as those boogers can go, I suppose.

And I may or may not have snorted when I read T&T.

Woman Interrupted said...

Good luck! If your dentist is half the dentist is, it'll be OK!!


Said a quick prayer for you!

stephanie j. said...

Advil, advil, advil. Don't skip it. MUCH better post-root canal feelings.

Megan O. said...

You've had a busy day!! Hope the root canal went well (as can be expected) and that dinner with a friend makes up for it. And hope you get a little SIESTA time tomorrow--you're gonna need it!! :)

Blue Skies said...

hope your day went as you had hoped and planned.

Gretchen said...

Lord, we commit the T and T to you.

So... do you wear make up to the dentist or not? I actually don't because they tend to smear it all anyway, so I figure why bother. Of course I'm getting to "that" age.

Hope dinner is/was grand.

Shannon said...

Kellie: I hope the RC went well. I had one in April and had to have my crown re-done three times....yes, you read that correctly! The last time was this week and it seems three times is a charm in this case! To me the pain in the tooth before the RC is worse than anything afterwards (I've had two RCs in the past couple years so I am slowly becoming an expert...not the thing you want to become an expert on - LOL!)