Friday, February 02, 2007

Random Poll - February

Last month while my friend, we'll call her K2, was coloring my hair we had a short conversation that was completely thought provoking.

I was sitting in the middle of her kitchen letting my hair "process" and she was tidying up a bit from our lunch. She went to reach over to her paper towel holder and found that the only one left was the last towel. You know, the one the paper towel makers glue to the cardboard tube so it won't slip off.

She pulled that tube out of the holder and said she'd be right back, she needed to go grab a new roll. She said she didn't ever use the last one because of the glue. And asked 'What do you do?'

I told her I hadn't really thought about it but, no, I usually didn't use that one unless I needed to wipe the counters or something. But then she added that she didn't want any of the glue to be left on things she might wipe down. So she just throws the whole thing away.

This got me to thinking...and now i also throw the last gluey paper towel away too.

But then this led to another thought...what about the last sheet on the toilet paper? I don't use that either.

Which reminded me of this funny story...

Many years ago when the Hubby and I were newly married we were invited to a Christmas Party. When i went to use the restroom I realized, too late, that there wasn't any toilet paper left. I reached across the sink to open the cabinets and found nothing there but some soap and cleaner. I then realized that sitting on the back of the commode was a box of tissues. Ahhh! No drip and dry here!

So I finished up and put myself together and went to the sink to wash. By this time things weren't feeling quite right but I wasn't sure what the problem was? Was this the beginning of a bladder infection?

Soon I realized that I had a serious issue and I was very uncomfortable. I suddenly became concerned about the tissues I had just used and picked up the box to find what I was afraid of: Menthol. The tissues were loaded with menthol to clear out the old sinuses. Definitely not a good alternative for TP.

With that said: Here is the Random Poll for the month:

Do you use the last gluey towel/sheet on the roll?


Lara said...

Oh absolutely...haven't you ever heard about global warming and how many trees your tossing away!
Just know me I don't worry about details like gluey junk, or germs for that matter! :)

Anonymous said...

I always use the last paper towel or piece of toilet paper on the roll. Speaking of 'roll,' that's exactly what I did over your menthol story.
TOO Funny. . even better than the rum ball story!!