Sunday, February 18, 2007


April 2007

Last night I had a late "goodbye" dessert with Elisa who is pictured in the bottom left hand corner. She is my sweet friend and running partner. She is also a reminder of the power of prayer.

She was the first person I met here. We had been here about 48 hours and we were staying in this really awful hotel (the only one in town that allowed pets) while we waited to close on our new home.

I had prayed on a Wednesday night that I would find just one sweet friend. Just one. The next morning, through God's providence, we found ourselves both at a city park with our kids... and the rest is history.

The picture above is when she spoke at a Women's Ministry event at our church. We actually ran in a race together last April but the pictures are far less flattering than this one. It's amazing how well we clean up when it isn't 6 in the morning with running clothes and ponytails!