Monday, November 29, 2010

Ahh! Monday!

It was a very thankful day.

The table was set. The company was awesome. The food, well, you know it was good.

I would tell you that I worked my fingers to the bone cooking up a storm on Thanksgiving...but the truth is I had a lot of help. I LOVE making Thanksgiving dinner, but having another cooker (as the kids like to say) was awesome.

My friend Becky and her sweet family came and spent the day with us.

After our delicious dinner the kids earned their dessert by pushing the baby around in a box.

Seriously, you've never seen three children, spanning more than a decade in age, have such a good time together playing with a box.

Yes, thanksgiving was good...and over all too soon.

I spent the rest of the weekend in my pajamas, either on the couch or in my office under piles of fabric and yarn.

I was lucky that Becky did my Black Friday shopping for me...she scored two pairs of $5 pajama's on sale at Old Navy for me. I may never wear real clothes again....

I managed to crank out nearly all the handmade gifts I wanted to make for my family and friends. I can only show you a few of them because the recipients read this blog...but I'll let you take a sneak peek at a few gifts:

I made another poncho just like the one I made for myself two weeks ago out of a new (to me) brand of yarn. It's called I Love This Yarn from Hobby Lobby, and I do... love that yarn. For an acrylic its so soft and luscious I could eat it. But since Thanksgiving is over I'm trying to cut back a little.

I also whipped out a couple of scarves:

The Taffy Pull....

and The Ruffly*...

Taffy and Ruffly... the names just make me happy. If you're interested, I found these patterns online and they are very beginner-friendly. You can click on the names above to go directly to the link...go on...I know you wanna try.

Then I finished up a little cloche hat and am currently working on a poncho for my niece Mia.

I have only a couple more gifts to make...

When I'm done, I may start blogging more...

(*) - when linking up to the scarf I realized its not called Ruffly but Curly-Swirly...I like Ruffly better so I'm not changing it. ;)

I'd love to know what you're making for Christmas this year...

Happy Monday!


Anonymous said...

Yay for good Thanksgivings! woohoo on being almost done!! Homemade gits for this year, knitted (is that right) a scarf for my SIL - from my husband (we draw names), I knitted blanket for a baby doll for my baby niece :-P, making Sammy a hat, I also made him a race track out of felt, and a crown. I hope to also make a block puzzle for Sammy, a dinosaur play mat, and pj bottoms for him as well. A hat for Tim, and a hat for my MIL and a scarf for my mom.. ahem.. so I still have quite a few left. Ohh I also made everyone ornaments (18). I also made a good friend a set of 24 cloth napkins. whew I guess I made quite a bit this year!

Sara said...

I love ALL the projects! I'm serious...when we get back to NC I'm recruiting you for some serious crafting classes! Glad to hear you had a nice Thanksgiving.

Carpool Queen said...

I'm making a couple of fun, mosaic washcloths for my mother-in-law. She keeps asking me to make them for her (she says they scrub well) and I've been putting it off.

I made a beanie. It didn't turn out so well.

Good thing I don't craft for the beauty of the end product :)

Tracey said...

I'm crocheting flowers and turning them into hair accessories. I've also crocheted my first 'scrunchy' for my youngest child. She loved it, so now I can make more.

I've got to put together the annual 'year in the life' digi-scrapbook page for each kid. I frame it and it hangs in their rooms until next year.

Homemade bread for the neighbors, maybe some homemade apple butter...depends on how fast the time flies. :D

Other than that, visa is providing the gifts.

Love ALL your projects!! So much inspiration :D

Candace said...

My sister in law got married in July, so for Christmas I made her a book (thank you Shutterfly) of all the little details and the parties that the photographer wasn't there for. I can't wait for her to see it!

I can't do yarn, but I can snap some pictures. :)

Well done, coffee gal! I'm always impressed with your crafty prowess!!!

Sandy M. said...

How do you whip those out so fast?!
I'll have to tell you after Christmas what I'm making: 1) eyes may see it on here...
2) by then I'll know if I really did make it
3) I'm not sure yet... oh, it really is Dec., isn't it?!
Lovely table!!!

Such The Spot said...

I am always so insanely jealous of your crafting/sewing abilities. Today is no exception. I LOVE that ruffly (you're right, ruffly is a better name) scarf. Too bad you don't have any scarves on Etsy (hint hint) ;)

stephanie j. said...

I LOVE the crochet items! The ruffly is darling!

jen said...

I used to have a scarf like the Swirly one, and it was my favorite ever. I actually still do have it, but it looks so sad and worn that I don't use it. Now I'm going to have to learn to crochet just so I can make one! Oy! (I looked at the pattern, and it seems like a foreign language!)

How long did that one take you?