Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Giving Thanks: Another Birthday!

Today's is The Mister's birthday.

I was thinking about him this morning and it occurred to me how patient he is...

As you may know from past posts, I have a tendency toward impetuousness that's meant to get things done quickly, but ends up taking twice as long. You may remember my recent banking fiasco and my Pressure cooker catastrophe.

Let's just say that I average one "accident" a month...only this month I've already done two three.

The good news is that there is only seven days left in November!!!!

What did I do this time?

Well, I mixed up a bunch of deposits at the bank causing much confusion (but we've figured it out!).  I ruined yet another kitchen item on the stove top (always turn your burners off before placing your glass cake pan on the stove...glass, unevenly heated, has a tendency to explode) and I broke the garage door...but at least I didn't back my car into the side of the house. I already did that once. I try not to do the same stupid thing twice...unless it involves the stove top.

Yes, The Mister is long-suffering and patient, and when i do silly things he comes up behind me, sweeping the broken glass and patching the stucco.

He takes good care of me, and I try very hard to take good care of him....when I'm not making more work for him.

For his birthday I've planned a feast - his favorite lasagna meal. He doesn't like to be fussed over, but it is my privilege to do so.

I'm working real hard at being extra sweet too. Mostly because I still giggle a bit about that first year we were married and his birthday fell on Thanksgiving Day, and in all my "this-is-my-first-married-Thanksgiving-excitement, I sort of forgot...

I'll never forget again.

Speaking of keeping memories alive....I still sometimes wince when I remember that night, so long ago, when we were working together as newlyweds in the kitchen of that itty-bitty duplex on campus...when he was doing the dishes (by hand) and I was trying to multitask while making a pot of rice. I accidently burned his bare back with the scalding pot lid...

He'll never forget that, I'm sure.

Good times, good times...

Happy Birthday Mister,
Thank you for sharing life with me.
I'll do my best not to get into trouble this week...but after 17 years of dating and marriage I think you know how hard that will be...

your coffeegal


Anonymous said...

I love your desciptions ! Makes me happy to thik there are other clumsy people in the world like me....I blame having too any children combined with PMT !

Anonymous said...

oohh what a great guy and sounds to me a lot like Tim. Patient and not liking to be fussed over! I hope you guys have a great day celebrating!

Becca @ My Crazy Good Life said...

Awh, how sweet are you??

And I do stuff like that, too. But my hubby isn't quite as patient as yours... He gets a leeetle bit huffy :)