Friday, March 12, 2010

Pretty as a Penny

The La Vida Dulce Family Proudly Presents:

The Girl's Newest Pet:

~ Penny ~

She's the sweetest Holland Lop bunny this side of the Mason Dixon Line.

We all love her already.

The Boy actually thought of the name based on her coloring, and The Girl thought it was perfect.

So do I.

Have I mentioned how sweet she is?

Cuz really, she is so sweet.

Can I share a secret?

I didn't tell anybody, but I had every intention of coming home with two bunnies last night. But there was a man, that I will refer to as The Sheriff, cuz he was six feet tall and packin' on his right hip. 

He swooped in behind us and picked the other female out. I sat back for awhile in hopes that he would find one of the boy bunnies to take home.

After a few minutes I tried to win the bunny back by looking him in the eye and saying in a mirthful, yet purposeful, voice, "Are you gonna take that bunny?"

Then I smiled real big for emphasis. 

He looked down at that little ball of fuzz with love in his eyes and said, "Yes I am" in a slow North Carolinian drawl.

So I paid for Penny and left.

Who am I to get between a man and his bunny?

So I came home without a friend for Penny.

That's OK. I have a feeling she isn't going to be wanting for love....

Happy Friday!


mer@lifeat7000feet said...

Love the name, and she is pretty cute! We had bunnies growing up but they were OUTSIDE pets. I'm twitching a little that you're letting Penny live inside (I have issues, and you know that) but I'm proud of you for making your kids happy.

Sorry the Sheriff took the other bunny. Maybe Penny can get a friend soon. ;)

lisa@littlesliceoflife said...

Penny is adorable! We had a rabbit that we loved, may he rest in peace. They are so fun! I need for The Girl to write a Guinea Pig Proposal for me. My Hubs says NO quite emphatically. He's no fun.

Carpool Queen said...

She looks scared and like she needs her Aunt Susan to come take care of her.

Hillcrest Cottage said...

Oh..its me...the bunny-lady again. My fave bunny of ALL time was a mini-Holland lop. you will LOVE this bunny. Mine followed my kids around like a puppy. We had Flops for 6 years.Sweetest pet EVER.
Multiple bunnies are more complicated than you can good you just got the one.
Once...we had three bunnies at once. My son was holding sweet Flops in his arms. One of the other bunnies was hopping at his feet..when it sudden lept into the air attacking Flops and hung for a few seconds with its teeth onto Flops nose! There were witnesses who saw this or I would not have believed it myself.
Thankfully, our city had a bunny adoption center. When I took that rabbit to the *hissed* at me!
Morale of story for content with the awesome Flops!!!

Gretchen said...! And I luuuuurve Holland lops. Great breed. I'd forgotten about them.

Yeah, I'm not thinking she'll lack for a thing. :)

Guess I don't have to tell you to enjoy her.

Unknown said...

Dear Bunny-lady (that makes me smile):

Thank you for being the voice of reason! Your multiple bunny story was both humorous and truthful! That's the best kind of truth to receive! And thank you for the bunny wisdom. I enjoy helpful advice! Have a great day!

Anonymous said...

ooo so cute! I totally want a bunny now looking at those pictures ;-) Penny is a perfect name! Give her a small squeeze for me :-)

Amber said...

Oh so precious, that cutie pie Penny.

I had a mean rabbit that I won at a County Fair Carnival once. He tried to bite me....but I'm pretty sure that he was just in need of a girlfriend and was a bit frustrated. We gave him to a rabbit breeder, and from what I hear, he lived happily ever after.

O Mom said...

AAWWW! how cute is she!
We had outside bunnies growing up, you win an award for keeping yours inside, in your daughters room no less. She will always remember this!! :)

Tiffani said...


my kids and i are coveting!

We're definitely gonna bide our time but work up a proposal for sure...where did you find said bunny?!

Would I just look online?

Chris said...

Penny is adorable! What a perfect bunny!

Sandy said...

Oh, she is SO cute!!!

Cathy said...

I must research more about these bunnies. I myself, have no experience whatsoever with them. They are too cute for words and everyone seems to think they are so much fun. Perhaps I need a "proposal" as well??

Welcome, Penny!

Gretchen said...

Oh she IS adorable!!!
We had the same intentions, but now looking back, Luna is very content to be a spoiled, only child-bun.

Love the name!

Becca @ My Crazy Good Life said...

She's adorable! Have fun with her :)

Rachel said...

She is so adorable! I know your kids are so excited about her!