Monday, March 08, 2010

Good Monday Morning! (Random)

The birds are singing songs of spring...its what I've waited for all year.

I feel a bit like a bird this morning...

The weather is sunny and it promises to get warm today (in the upper 60's). The kids and I will go to the Garden Center shortly and pick up some lyme and grass seed and some supplies for our vegetable garden.

This weekend was full and included a date night on Friday with The Mister. He bought me new cross-training/hiking shoes (which means I could do some trail-running should that bug ever bite). 

I had to break the shoes in, so we went hiking on both Saturday and Sunday afternoon in the lovely spring-time weather. Beautiful!

Speaking of date night....The Mister and I went out for a hamburger and they were delicious. I was curious to see the Earth-Friendly straws that were left upon the table. At first I thought they were cool, but the papery feel was disconcerting and reminded me of something I couldn't quite put my finger on that night. So, in the interest of research, I stole a few from the restaraunt (you can pray for me) and I tried one in my tea yesterday.

In the comfort of my own home I realized what they reminded me of...a certain feminine-needs product of the cardboard kind.

With that said, I am pretty sure I won't be very "earth friendly" when it comes to straws.

Let's change the subject...

I've been sitting on a secret for a couple of weeks now....if you need a bit of good news, go on over and celebrate with them!

Next week I will be doing a little celebrating may or may not be the very week I finally reach 1000 posts! I have some fun surprises (the best of which is that I won't celebrate alone...y'all KNOW i like a good party!) So be sure to come back!

Happy Monday!


Anonymous said...

Sounds like the perfect weekend to me! I am loving this weather!!

Unknown said...

Ok I am loving this weather so so much . . . and can I just say that I feel the same way about those straws? I just never quite realized what it was they reminded me of . . . thanks for jogging my memory though :-) haha

Carpool Queen said...

Those straws sound like something I need to skip. Maybe I'll stash a few plastic ones in my purse should I find myself at a restaurant that uses them :)

Andrea said...

I love Spring Time:-)

Gretchen said...

Those straws remind me of your nascar post. I might be tittering to myself 3000 miles from you. ;)

Sounds like spring has sprung in NC. About time, right?

Glad you had some 1:1 time with the mister--despite all eco-friendliness.

Tiffani said...

Too Funny!!

Love date nights, new shoes and parties..

you know I'll be back!!