Tuesday, March 23, 2010

The Garden Plan

Whew! Its chilly outside!

I've just come in from taking some pictures of our front and back yard. Spring is amazing here in NC.

Last spring as a school project the kids and I tended a small garden.

We didn't yield much fruit, we lost sweet peas to the snails and raccoons, and the deer ate 80% of our cucumber.

I had planted a little too early, and a very hard and cold rain came in and took my lettuce and bell pepper seedlings as a tornado takes a mobile home park.

We did get a half a dozen cucumbers (which were delicious) and about a dozen tomatoes (also amazing), but the bottom line is this: I learned a lot. Which has a flavor all its own.

This year we've expanded.

Well, I should say The Mister is using his mad wood-working skills and is in the process of building me a mack-daddy garden, complete with a gate. (not yet installed)

I think this garden is a personal battle against woodland creatures that I have named Man vs. Wildlife.

He says he just wants me to have a nice place to grow my vegetables.

I believe him. That man has a 17-year history of taking excellent care of me.

 I do believe this space is going to be my favorite place this summer.

This year I am trying my hand at straw-bale gardening. Right now I am in the middle of a 10-day preparation process, which includes A LOT of watering. But it will be worth it!

To the right of the hay bales are the planters from last year. The Mister will also build three more to the left.

Right now my seedlings are Roma and Beefsteak Toms, zuchini, cucumber, H2Omelon, sweet pea, broccoli, yellow onion, and several different lettuces.

We are also growing some "bunny food" and sunflowers.

(last year we tried to just put the sunflower seeds in the ground and a squirrel dug them up, ate the seeds, and left the shells all over the place)

This time of year, with Easter on the horizon and spring in the air, always makes me a bit contemplative.

 The wonder of time when all things that have been asleep suddenly come alive.

Every day there is a new reminder, within the reaches of my back door, that there is a good and gracious God who tends the garden of my heart...

Yet I tell you that not even Solomon in all his splendor was dressed like one of these. If that is how God clothes the grass of the field, which is here today and tomorrow is thrown into the fire, will he not much more clothe you...
~Matthew 6:28-30

How about you? Planting anything this season? 


Melissa said...

I want to get some lettuce, cucumbers, and tomatoes going. Maybe some squash, too.

Such The Spot said...

We're gardening this year too Kellie! Only my man isn't quite as ambitious as yours, so we have just one raised bed. It's big though! Can't wait to see your harvest!

Anonymous said...

What a great garden! I had friends that did the hey bail gardening.. I would love to hear how it turns out! I am going to do my 2 small raised beds and then I am going to try a section in my actual yard.. crazy concept.. I think I will do something hardy in the ground like zucchini! I need to get to the store and buy my seeds!

Gretchen said...

Beautiful, Kell. I feel so gladdy, indeed b/c I know exactly where your garden expansion lies! Woot. I'm ready for a repeat visit. Now.

It's so nice of you to plant so many of Penny's favorites! I think it would be hilarious to see her hopping in the garden, if only for a moment. Can you say, "Lotto!"?

Anonymous said...

Oh, I SO understand the "Man vs. Wildlife" struggle. I have tried to grow patio tomatoes for three years now. I've also tried strawberries, sunflowers and mulberries. Wildlife always wins. We have some very well fed rabbits, squirrels and skunks around here. Oh, and one very fat groundhog. ;) Your new garden looks wonderful!! I can't wait to hear more about it as the seasons progress.

Sandy said...

I don't know anything about the hay bale gardening! Please do tell.

Jewel said...

Looks like your garden's going to be great. I gave on on my vegitable beds that my husband built, but I never did anything more than weed. I redid them with daisies and other easy growing wild flowers. With me it's easier when they just grow themselves:)

Becca @ My Crazy Good Life said...

Holy Cow!!! You're amazing!!

meh said...

Your garden looks delicious! And the flowers are gorgeous! Happy Spring to you!

Amber said...

We've worked outside all day on our little garden project. We'll see how it goes....

My thumbs are both black, but hopefully the boys' are a lovely shade of green.

We shall see, I suppose.

Unknown said...

We are crossing our fingers that the cold weather is over. We don't have the snow and the cold that you have but it has been very cold this winter. We planted creole tomatoes, cucumbers, green beans, butterbeans, eggplant, broccoli, cauliflower, mirleton and bell peppers.

Amy said...

Impressive!!! I had no idea you were semi-pro! We had one glorious summer of squash and tomatoes, but no gardens since then.

stephanie j. said...

Love the verdant backyard :)

We're looking forward to some green ourselves...THIS SUMMER!!!! :) :) :) E-mail me...BOTH of our computers died, and I need to rebuild our email address book...and I'l tell you all about our PCS coming up!