Thursday, September 25, 2008

A Letter to The Boy

Dear sweet Boy,

It seems impossible that you are 11 years old today.

You are always asking me to blog about things that are important to you and occasionally I find a way to write about things you suggest.  

Today I will write about something important to me. 


Recently, I was asked this question: What is God showing you right now?

And you know, I had a post all neatly typed and ready to go on a different topic, but for some reason it didn't feel right. I think God wasn't done showin' me yet.

I have had a lot on my mind lately. As you know, our family has been quite busy. Moving has been such a big part of your life. In eleven years you have moved five times. Five times! You have taken on that burden with great courage.

My son, you are brave.

Today you were telling me that you love learning to make things and that you had found an old book that taught boys how to trap moles. The problem was that, in the end, the mole wouldn't survive. So even though you knew that I despise the moles that are tearing up my yard, you wouldn't be able to make one. 

You are compassionate.

Five weeks ago we began our homeschooling adventure. For many years I have heard teachers speak so highly of you, the way you respect adults and students alike; The way you always cheer and encourage the underdog. 

Now I get to enjoy you as a student too. I'm amazed at your ability to learn. You are a lot like your daddy.

You are smart.

I appreciate you humor; your love of laughter. 

Sweet Boy, you are fun.

It's amazing to watch you interact with your sister when you don't know I am watching. Sometimes I can see when you have had enough of that phenomenon called female chatter, yet choose patience. I watch as you are long-suffering with her when she tells you in detail what she must do/say/wear when playing a certain game. I listen as she (sometimes) speaks to you in tones that aren't always sweet. You are slow to anger and quick to encourage. You are who you are whether I am watching or not.

You have integrity.

Oh, how I wish I could take some credit. How I wish I could say you are just like me!

But the truth is that you are who you are because God has made you that way...I'm just glad He has allowed me to play along. 

So what is God speaking to me?

Well, lately I have had many opportunities to do other good and worthy things, and yet nothing could compare to being your mom. The Lord has reminded me of the commitment I made 11 years ago to make our home my main ministry. And, to be honest, sometimes it's hard to see the fruit. Sometimes it is tough to not receive accolades. Sometimes it difficult to lay aside what appears to be better things, and quietly choose what's best. 

But I would do it again and again and again for the privilege of being your mom.

Happy Birthday!



mer@lifeat7000feet said...

Oh, Kelly, what a sweet post. Happy Birthday to the boy! What a handsome fella he is, and what an amazing man he's going to grow into! You are very blessed.

meh said...

What a wonderful thing to get to post about today!! Happy Birthday to the boy, and see you soon!!

Jackie said...

Happy Birthday! He is so handsome. :) And I can tell he is such a huge blessing to you and your family.

Carrie and Jim said...

Wonderful post! What great things you had to say about your son.