Saturday, September 06, 2008

Hello From New Mexico!`

We are here at our hotel just about an hour east of Albuquerque (try spelling that without spell check!)

The day went fairly quickly and was pretty uneventful. Tomorrow will be our longest day of driving as we try to get to Arkansas (Mer, I'll wave hello to your home state!)

The only excitement was when I took Kona the Wonder Dog out for a quick walk. We walked all over the perimeter of a rest stop in NM. When we had been out there for about 5 minutes I came back and passed by a large sign that said, "Danger: Rattlesnakes and poisonous insects. Walk at own risk."

Um, I think I would've liked to have read that sign before I walked The Mutt.

Also, my kids convinced me that we HAD to have a box of Cinnamon Toast Crunch for the trip, (to eat dry) for a snack. I am very sorry that I tried it this afternoon during a period in which I should have stopped for a Diet Coke. I was sleepy and I needed something to pep me up. For those of you who don't know, Cinnamon Toast Crunch is d-e-l-i-c-i-o-u-s. Why didn't any on tell me this before? I am pretty sure I ate more than a serving today. But who cares, I'm driving 2300 miles in a car with two kids, a dog and no TV.

Which brings me to my final, and most pressing problem of the day. The DVD was not working properly. It has been acting temperamental for a couple months now, but I was hoping it would make it through one last trip.

I am seeing an expensive trip to Target in my future...luckily they have one in almost every city.

I miss reading the blogs. I will have much to catch up on in the next few weeks! But I wanted to check in and say hello!

Time for bed!

La Vida Dulce


Lara said...

Check Craig's list first before you go to Target!!!1

Rae said...

Poisonous snakes AND insects? OH MY!!

I too LOVE Cinnamon Toast Crunch and try not to buy it too often! :)

Pleasant dreams and safe travels!!

Lindsay said...

Glad you made it to NM! Yikes about the snakes and bugs! We had cinnamon toast crunch on our trip to the beach as well! I great car snack!

stephanie j. said...

If you can find a "crunchy health food store" go to the cereal aisle and get a box of "Mom's Best" brand oat cereal with marshmallows (kind of like lucky charms). It is surprisingly good for you, and those marshies are nummy!

mer@lifeat7000feet said...

Definitely wave hello for me! Are you stopping somewhere there? Tell me where!

Hey, I keep meaning to tell you that I got your letter. Thank you! I loved hearing from you "the old-fashioned way".

C D said...

I saw your mom, who said, right after "hi" to me..., "Kellie left an hour and 15 minutes ago."

You will be missed.

And you owe me a coffee ;-)


Jackie said...

I'm so sorry about your DVD player...those things can be life-savers on long car trips.

I so agree about spelling Albuquerque...took me a long time to get it right after I moved here. :)

Michele said...

The snake sign would have sent me R-U-N-N-I-N-G to my car!!! Bless your heart with all of the traveling in the car. We took a 15-hour trip to TX one time with my 3kids and my parents in our car. We don't have a DVD player, but we play lots of fun car games to pass the time. One of our favorites is we play boys versus girls. Each team picks out a color to look for on 18-wheelers. If one team picks white the other team gets to pick 3 other colors (white wins most of the time). You just count the trucks as you drive. We always say the 1st team to 100 wins. We've also added rules along the years. For example, if your color truck is broken down on the side of the road you lose all of your trucks. If you see a truck that is carrying a lot of cars on the back then you get to count all of those cars and add them to your #. Also, if you see a piggy-back truck that is your color you double your #. We played it on the way to Disney this year. Girls won!!!! It really is a lot of fun. Maybe this will help until you can make a trip to Target. Be safe!!!!