Monday, July 14, 2008

First Day

Well, they are both at school. 

At this very moment one of them should be right in the middle lunch. 

It was a good morning, although it wasn't void of wailing and clinging and tears. 

But I'm good now.

I went to the gym with a friend, and then came home to clean, so I've kept busy. Which is good when your a tad bit weepy.

Speaking of busy...before I was a stay at home mom I had visions of lounging in front of soap operas and eating bon-bons.  What ever happened to that?

No really, I'm not a soap opera fan. As a matter of fact my TV is never on during the day...but I used to be a HUGE General Hospital fan in high school and college. I totally could have used TiVO. It wasn't invented way back then, and my VCR wasn't trusty, so in college I would orchestrate my entire school schedule in order to be near a TV by 2pm. 

Ok, sorry...that was like a really scary random memory from my head...what was I saying?

School. Yes. The kids are there and I am here drinking a smoothie and typing away at you. I have managed to get quite a bit accomplished this morning: the kitchen, the living room, and the bathrooms, are all clean and now I just need to finish my lunch, read some of your blogs and go get my little peeps (who aren't so little any more...when in the world did that happen!)

It occurred to me that this year will be my oldest's last year in elementary seems like just yesterday I was hovering outside that kindergarten room. The principle literally patted me on the shoulder and told me to go home. 

Oh the memories...I don't have any Kleenex in the house, and since I accidently forgot a few key items while shopping last week, we are rationing toilet paper...I can't waste it on nose blowing. 

Let's talk about something happy.

Since I have managed to make every single birthday celebration (and subsequent present) late this year, it is appropriate that I missed my 3rd Bloggy Birthday on Saturday July 12th.

It is unimaginable that I have blogged for three full years.

It's on days like today, when I might be tempted to feel sorry for myself, that I am filled with joy over a community whom I dearly love. I was talking to a friend the other day and she said she thought that this blog was like a ministry. That surprised me. Especially since I had received two emails from different people saying the same thing...

(Oh here comes the weepiness again!)

I never really thought about this blog in that way, but I do believe that ministry is being who you are, where you're I guess this qualifies. 

I often find myself typing and wishing I could tell you these things face to face, but I will take what I can get...I am so grateful for the blogging community; both those who are just readers, but also those who are bloggers.

Thank you for reading and sharing your lives through this amazing thing we call social media. It truly makes my Sweet Life, that much sweeter!

La Vida Dulce!

PS: Here are the posts from the last Four July 12ths! 


Lindsay said...

oo I am so glad to know someone got told to leave the school by the principal.. that is totally going to me.. I will have a big box of Tissues sitting right outside the door to Sammy's class room!

I am sure you will get back into the swing of things w/ the kiddos gone during the day.. but just in case you might want to pick up some TP ;-)

Jackie said...

Congrats on THREE years! Wow! That's pretty amazing.

Your sweet kiddos are so cute! I'm sure the house must seem too quiet now...I'm not looking forward to the day when my little one leaves.

And I was a complete GH addict back in the day! I loved it. I don't turn the TV on during the day, either, because I figure we watch enough at night, and if I have free time I'd rather pop on the computer for a minute.

Michelle@Life with Three said...

Wow -- three years! Congratulations!

Your soap opera comment made me think back to my high school and college days -- I used to watch Santa Barbara. Do you remember that one? I remember watching the show finale while up at college. I orchestrated my whole day around it, and it turned out to be so cheesy!

Anonymous said...

Yay! Congratulations Miss blogging-before-it-was-cool. You rock.

I sent my three off to school this morning too. Unlike yours though mine neither wailed or clinged (clanged, clung whatever).

Let me know if you ever discover the secret to soaps and bon-bons. I'd be all over it.

Tanya said...

I like what you said about ministry being who you really are where you are. That's so true! Just being a friend is ministering to the hearts of those who need friends. While being face-to-face would be a lot more fun, this cyber-community thing is a close second. Happy anniversary! :)

Michele said...

Your children are precious! I so remember those soap operas days -long, long ago. I am really lucky if I get to squeeze in the news now:) I am glad the first day of school went well. I know it must be so hard to let them go. But, trust me, as a homeschooling mom, there are days when I consider dropping mine off at the front door of the school:) Congrats on your blogging anniversary!!!

Tiffani said...

Goodness...quite a morning, huh?? We are a homeschooling family but I still get weepy seeing how they've grown at the beginning of each year and what their capabilities are compared to the previous guys start school early in Arizona, huh?? We won't start in Georgia until August 3rd-ish...I guess you probably get out earlier too, though...on another note...I completely believe blogging is a ministry...I have been so touched by your blog and others that I have been encouraged, inspired, etc. Because I believe you (I mean a general "you") realize in this big world...there are women with the same issues, heartaches, joys, desires that you have and it is such a, after this novel-comment, I hope you have a wonderful rest of your day and your kiddos will have LOTS of great things to talk about when they get back home to their awesome stay at home Mommy!!

mer@lifeat7000feet said...

So...when my kids start school in 3.5 weeks, can I come cry with you over a cup of coffee? It might have to be a virtual cup, but that's better than nothing, right?