Tuesday, July 08, 2008

Taking a Break from My Break

The Boy is playing video games for an hour while my niece and The Girl play tea parties.

This is a good time to take a few minutes and let y'all know that I have a dog who is a total pain in the keister.

This morning she got kicked out of the groomers. 

This the second groomer that has actually kicked her out for being aggressive. 

I do not know why she is acting this way. She has always been a spaz (she's an Australian Shepherd mix, adopted from the pound) but being kicked out of two groomers within five months is not happy for me. 

You know what didn't help? The old lady, holding her tiny "non-aggressive" lap dog in the lobby of the groomers, who chided and rebuked my son while I was trying to collect my catty canine. 

(The young female groomer was apparently so frightened by my pooch, that they asked me go to the back of the joint to retrieve her from the kennel.)

Meanwhile, my sweet and tenderhearted boy waited in the lobby with his sister and cousin.  The lady accused asked him if he "ever teased our dog" and if he "ever played rough with it", because "that's what makes dogs aggressive".

He has done nothing to make this dog aggressive. The Boy is all boy, but he is also very gentle. He wouldn't hurt a fly, much less our dog. 

It's his mother she should have been worried about...

Listen, I am as peaceful as they come, but let me tell you, had I been in that room while she pointed the finger at my boy... well, it would have made my problematic pet look docile.

This ladies suggestion (to a ten year old boy) was to take it to obedience school.  

Great in theory, but here's the thing...Kona knows sit, heel, stay, lay down, and all the basic commands. And she does them almost perfectly when we are in this house. But, if we are ever in the company of some else, she goes ballistic and will not listen or obey.

Seriously,  she is a smart dog until some body else is watching.  

No really, it's true.

I am wavering between irritation at that lady who was making a really hard situation THAT MUCH WORSE, and shame that my dog got kicked out of the groomers. Again.

I was trying so hard to maintain a good reputation in this town!

Now, I guess we'll have to move....


Lindsay said...

ooo I love your dog! We had a very good Australian shepherd when no one was around also.. then we had Sammy and he started to do weird things and try and bite people when they came over.. so no more Boomer.. However, Australian shepherds tend to be very timid dogs (ours was afraid of vacuum cleaner, lawn mower, my husband's bass and amp, and anything else that made a loud noise.. so cared that he would even try and bite us if we were using them). Maybe you can just groom Kona at home? We have a big tub (not a real one) in the backyard and wash the dogs in there Spring, Summer, and Fall. Then in the winter we bite the bullet and do it in our tub inside.

I also would have gone crazy if some lady had said that to my kid! Dogs will be dogs.. some of them act up all the time because they are hurt by people.. and some act up because they are to smart for their own good.

However, obedience school might help Kona do those commands w/ others around.. then again it might not..:-P

Cindy Cates said...

Sorry about your dog troubles. The picture of him is too cute, he looks innocent enough :)

mer@lifeat7000feet said...

Our dog is a tad agressive around other dogs and it drives me crazy because he's so mild tempered until he leaves our house!

I completely understand.

Sorry your reputation is ruined. I'm afraid moving is your only option. :)

Jackie said...

I would be BEYOND irritated if I heard that lady speaking to my child like that. Wow.

Anonymous said...

First of all, about that moving thing, how about if I personally accompany your dog to the obedience school that mean old lady mentioned. Would you stick around then?

Secondly, you are a girl after my own heart. Will people never learn not to mess with a Mama bear's cubs?

Anonymous said...

Where is that old bat??
Nobody messes with my grandson!

Kim said...

How rude! Did you give her the "look"? You know, the one that could kill.
We had a Maltise Poodle, growing up. Whenever we took her to the groomers we'd have to muzzle her. We couldn't pick her up to hand her to the groomers, they'd have to take her by her leash and walk her back.
Apparently, when she was a puppy (before we had her), a groomer hit her and she remembered. Maybe Kona is having flashbacks to a bad time.
The pic of him is way cute!

Tanya said...

Oh, I'm sorry! I hate unsolicited advice ESPECIALLY when you've already got your hands full!!! Your dog is beautiful, though. Maybe you should learn to be the groomer. It could be a whole new venture: "Grumpy Dog Groomers." :) You could handle all the ostricized canines of the area.

Anonymous said...

Oh I just LOVE old, judgemental, people...who aren't afraid to be rude and make you feel stupid. They just don't have enough to do...don't let her comment get to you. But maybe you should contact the Dog Whisperer and see if you can be on his show! I swear that man is half dog. So cool.

Carrie and Jim said...

Sorry about your dog issues. This is my we only have two goldfish. :)

Anonymous said...

You know, as sweet as Bella is, she's gotten into her own scrapes too. She doesn't require grooming but she's not so fond of other dogs. makes it tough when you want to go out of town!

The lady was way way out of line when speaking to The Boy. Maybe this would have been one of those times to pull out that "I am not allowed to talk to strangers" line! Give him the permission to say that and then politely but firmly turn his back toward them when someone feels it is ok to insult him when you aren't around!!

Anonymous said...

I hear dogs love a nice big farm:)
The Pet Lover

jen said...

Oh, that lady - she makes me mad...and it wasn't even my kid! Why do some people feel that it is ok to cast blame about things they don't know about! grrrr.

Anonymous said...

Moving sounds like a great idea!

meh said...

The comments were as much fun to read as your blog today...especially the one from granna!! I am sending you a card eerily appropriate to your situation. I was sending it to you anyways as it related perfectly to my own life currently, picked it out a week ago in fact, but the right moment has arrived so be expecting it in the mail, dear friend.