Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Blogger Birthday!!!

As a blogger, and person who likes a good reason to celebrate, I wanted to take the time to tell you that many things in history have happened on this day. It seems that July 12 is a day of new beginnings and amazing feats! Let me share some with you....

Top Ten "Beginnings" in History that occurred on July 12th:

1864 - My Husbands hero, George Washington Carver, was born. He invented Peanut Butter

1923- Harry Houdini, while suspended upside down 40 feet in the air, escapes from a straight jacket. Maybe not a beginning to speak of...But maybe the beginning of people realizing he was one fry short of a Happy Meal.

1933- Congress passes 1st. Minimum wage law. 33 cents an hour!

1960 - Etch-A-Sketch goes on sale (shoulda bought stock in those)

1962- Rolling Stones gives first public appearance. 10 years before my time.

1976- TV Game show Family Fued premiered with host Richard Dawson. According to family legend I'm related to that guy. It's my only claim to fame so I'll take what I can get.

1982- The movie E.T. broke all box office records surpassing $100-million in ticket sales. How many of you saw that one in theater? I did!

1984- Geraldine Ferraro becomes first woman major party Vice President candidate. You Go Girl!

1985- Singing in the Rain opens at the Gershwin Theater in NYC.

2005- This blog, La Vida Dulce, is born with a post on Blueberry picking!

It is with great excitement that I celebrate this one year of blogging. With almost 300 posts, I never thought I would blog this long...and I never thought any one would read it!

La Vida Dulce...


Lara said...

As a committed reader of your blog I'm thinking of baking a birthday cake today...yeah right...well maybe I'll just run down to Brookshires and get one of their cake's I'm always looking for an excuse to buy one of them :)

Bec said...

We have to read it we are your friends besides it is better than the sunday funny papers. PS Lara I will be right over to help you with that cake :)

Bec said...

Sure I saw ET several times I was in College! BTW did you use a booster seat when you saw it in the theater? :)
Your old friend.

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday La Vida! I enjoy your blog.