Tuesday, July 22, 2008

I'm Back!

Did'ya miss me?

Ok, so I didn't have to go all day. Just a few hours.

But the MINUTE the photographer was outta here I was rushing to get the computer back out. 

It is awful to admit how much I kept walking back into the kitchen to check on email...only to be confronted with an empty desk!

Is that a storm coming? I'll just pop on to weather.com and look at the radar.

Oops, no computer.

Hmm...is that a hankering for Snicker Doodles? Let's go to the computer and look up my recipe....oh wait. No computer.

(The phone rings.) A friend wants to have coffee this week. I'll just run to the computer and look at my calendar...uh...I can't commit, because there is no computer.


My life is far too complicated! 

Which, by the way, was why I started using a computer to begin with...to keep myself organized and less paper-y. Everything is locked up in this tiny little box!  Yes, I am organized, and scheduled, and communicative...but if this thing is ever lost, I am SO in trouble.

Which is why I hid it when the photographer came to our house. 

So there. Now you know how neurotic I am.

La Vida Dulce!


Tanya said...

This cracks me up. I am the SAME way!! We finally got a small secretary for the living room so I wouldn't have to run up and down the stairs to check the computer in our office. I LOVE my laptop!!

Tiffani said...

Your openness helps the rest of us computer addicts not feel so alone :) My husband calls my laptop my "boyfriend" because we sit on the love seat together everyday, all the time :)

mer@lifeat7000feet said...

I'm shamelessly addicted as well. And now I'm craving snickerdoodles. :)

Shelley @ My Treasure Hunt said...

You just gotta love the computer. It is just a little too handy and fun and addictive! I'm right there with you...

Jackie said...

You're so not alone, trust me. My hubby and I share a laptop right now, and sometimes he has to take it out on the road with him. Talk about torture...the minute he walks in the door I can barely get out a civilized greeting before setting up the computer. How awful is that?