Thursday, January 25, 2007

Mia's Mittens...and Other random Things

This was yesterday at work. They actually pay me to get up in front of 100 preschoolers and their teachers and sing and be silly.

It is cold here and I am trying to enjoy since I will soon be dwelling in the desert. The only problem is that last week it snowed there too.

It so rarely snows in the desert that there was an 11 year old quoted in local newspaper that has made me laugh all week. He had never seen snow and his quote was: "It's real cold, and it tastes like water!" Now, you might think he's not the sharpest tack on the board. But the reality is that snow rarely ever happens in the land of cactus.

As a matter of fact I was laughing at my brother who had slipped my sweet nieces hands into tube socks and then put plastic over them, and it was all held up with elastic hair ties. He was quite proud of the mock-mittens when he sent me the picture below.

My first thought was, where are that girls mittens! My second thought was, you learned that from Dad. My third was, Hey! where were our mittens as kids? But then I remembered, We lived in the desert!! No one has mittens in the desert!

The day after it snowed in AZ it snowed here. That's when I had also figured out that mittens are highly overrated. It only took a few minutes before the mittens were wet, their hands were cold, and the kids were complaining. What did I do? I found some socks!

But I didn't feel like walking upstairs to get some hair elastics, so I just fastened them the old fashioned way...

I duct taped them...just like Dad.

Snow in the desert. (and on the golf course!)

Mia's Mittens

La Vida Dulce!

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Lara said...

I could almost see your belly button ring! And do you know I have those same shoes?

Lara said...

HEY ITS THE HOLY GRAIL...can you tell I've enlarged the picture of you? :)

meh said...

HEy, whati s with the girls write out connect thingy?