Monday, October 02, 2006

Self Cleaning Oven

It has been almost 20 months that I have lived in this home of mine and last night I realized that I have a Self Cleaning oven....said with capital letters because, quite frankly, those are two little words that carry big-time weight around here.

Last night I turned on that Self Cleaning timer and in two hours I had a squeaky clean oven (if not a slightly smelly kitchen). The burning smell is a small price to pay for an oven with initiative.

This morning as I was cleaning (catching up from last week's mess and attempting to get ahead for this week, although why do I bother?) I began to wonder why some smart engineer hasn't come up with Self Cleaning floors? Or Self Cleaning 9 year old rooms? Why hasn't anyone invented Self Cleaning bath tubs, stair cases!! Or, for crying-out-loud, Self Cleaning laundry!!!!!!!
OK...Deep breath in....Deep breath out.

Anyway, I never really thought Self Cleaning ovens could really work...but I am here to say THEY DO! THEY DO! THEY DO!

And that one fact makes the mound of laundry I shuold be folding right now a little more bearable.