Friday, October 27, 2006

Random Thoughts From Kellie's Brain

  • So I go to get my flu shot, because when you work with 3-5 year olds they perpetually have there fingers in their nose digging for all those precious little pre-school germs. The clinic is in the middle of a grocery store and there are two nurses. I pray that I get the short dark haired nurse. Because the older blonde nurse is (literally) crossed eyed and her hands are shaking. Bad. I can't decide if she is cold, hungry or having a seizure.

That was two days ago. My arm still hurts.

  • I know you probably heard screams of joy on Wednesday. That's because a new record was broken here in my house. I actually got all the suitcases and travel bags unpacked and put away. I had only been home for 72 hours. It was quite amazing actually. Even my make up bag was unpacked. Well, actually it had never really gotten "unpacked" from my trip to AZ in the July. So I guess I can't really count that.

  • This weekend the hubby, kids and I are celebrating my birthday in earnest. But I am going to start today. My plan for this afternoon is to go buy some california rolls and a bowl of Miso soup and have it for lunch while wrapped up in Cookie, the Electric blanket...Which brings me to another thought.

  • On Sunday night when we got home the temperature in the house was 61 degrees. The temps have dipped to freezingthe past few nights and has had trouble getting into the mid 50's in the day. This is, of course, the time when I start whining that I can't get my hands, feet or nose warm. Coming home from the desert and walking into well....Winter...felt a little harsh. But there is always Cookie, the cookie monster blue electric blanket, my dear, dear winter friend. The hubby has informed me that if he ever feels like my attachment to that cozy-comfort gets anymore weird that I might come home and find it missing. He wouldn't dare! ( Although he did admit that as he gets older he tolerates cold less and sucks to get old.)

  • Last but not least, yesterday I had an overwhelming need to bake. So I made granola for the hubby (in answer to his request) , bread for a luncheon for work, and then after school I made chocolate chip cookies and sugar cookies. I also made veggie soup for dinner ( although this is not baking, I know). the next time you see me I will weigh approximately 50 pounds more than when you saw me last but I will be happy because standing in front of an oven with warm cookies, while wrapped in a heating blanket and dressed in ones favorite pink fuzzy slippers is the best thing on a cold, cold, (did I mention cold?) day.

  • The good news? The leaves are changing and they are B-E-A-U-T-I-F-U-L. We plan to bundle up this weekend and go for a hike...I wonder if I could bring Cookie? Pictures to come.


meh said...

Everybody should have a "Cookie"!!! Mine is actually a green plaid--and I think it fits in a suitcase, which is fortunate for me in a few weeks. Hey, big fluffy snow flakes just started floating down out my window. The girls are screaming with joy, so I need to go!