Thursday, October 12, 2006

Finally Fall

The Polar Airmass settled in on our little town this morning. It's chilly, and smells deliciously like fall. When the breeze blows all the yellow and orange leaves gently float to the ground. It is fabulous! Makes me want to bake.....go figure.

Just in time to head for warmer weather!


meh said...

Hey Kellie, would you please pass along this message to your elitest blogger friend who doesn't allow comments on her blog from lowly "anonymous" people and only from other bloggers: thpttt! Thanks and have fun in the sun! And , La Vida Loca, if you happen to see this, hello from Michigan!

Bec said...

sorry michigan I will have to wait for the queen to tell me how to fix that. I didn't think anyone else looked at it. So maybe you should become a blogger you could La Vida Frio! I hope you are staying warm up there:)