Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Random Poll

It's been awhile since I have done a random poll.

This past week I learned about another Southern "food-item" that I had never heard of before:

A Banana sandwich.

My friend mentioned that she had made herself a quick banana sandwich for lunch one day.

I was perplexed. Who knew you could make a sandwich out of a banana? I thought it about it so much I Googled it later that afternoon for a little banana snadwich research.

Here is what one uses to make a banana sandwich.

Warning- This could cause queasiness. Here is the recipe:

A Banana.

A couple slices of Bread. (according to research it more often than not is made with White bread)

Mayonnaise. (it hurts my fingers to even type that horrible word)

Here is the random poll:

Have you ever eaten one of these things? Had you heard of it before?

It's OK to be honest. I happen to dearly love this particular Banana sandwich eating friend...Although I think she must have been REALLY, REALLY, hungry that day.


Anonymous said...

The Banana/peanut butter sandwich is a favorite around here. We use wheat bread, though. :-) It's also good as french toast -- dip the sandwich in that famous egg/milk/cinnamon/vanilla mixture and grill. I should admit, though, that Banana and Mayo is my favorite version of the "banana sandwich"
You should really get out more! Tomorrow -- come on over... Khs

Blue Skies said...

Yep, guilty here. But, I leave the mayo off and do just the pb and banana. My dad was from South Carolina and did the whole pb/banana/miracle whip thing. Try it sometime. It's ok to leave the mayo off.