Sunday, October 01, 2006

On Your Mark...

This weekend has been fun.

My running Amiga and I finished our 5K with amazing results (if I don't say so myself). She is actually in this picture, you just can't see her because I have completely blocked her...I forgot how tiny she is until I realized that in many of the pictures you can't see her because she is completely blocked by her giant running friend. This picture was taken just as the whistle was blown and we were all trying to get started, which can be tricky when 400 women all start at the same time, hence the reason everyone is looking down- to make sure we don't run over anybody!

I always get nervous before these events, which is silly since we are consistently running 10 miles a week together, and fully capable of running 3.2 miles, but there were some pretty intense looking runners out there that made me feel completely intimidated.

Anyway, we managed to beat our own times finishing in 23 minutes (+ seconds: we don't yet have our official times). Which is basically an 8 minute mile. We were like two bolts of lightening on a sunny day! It was fun. When I get permission I will post her picture...One where she isn't hidden behind me!

I have many things on my plate for this week so the blogging may be slower than usual...Which, lately, isn't saying much.

Until then...La Vida Dulce!


Bec said...

Nice job! I am proud of you two. Wanna borrow my Running magazine?

Bec said...

Hey Lara, If you notice this blog and all of the links from this site have a post about running. Since you need to update your dream vacation blog thought maybe we would get your thoughts on the activity so many are talking about. Or you can just come over and stare at my magazine with me:)

Blue Skies said...

Wow Kellie!!! 8 minute mile!!! I'm proud of you. I was excited the other day when I did an 11 1/2 minute mile for my 7 mile run. Run Kellie Run!