Thursday, July 13, 2006


I have a serious case of the lazy's today.

I would love to lay down on my bed and read a book...Through my eyelids.

I have actually accomplished a fair amount today. But I have a feeling this afternoon is shot.

What I really need is a Grande non-fat Vanilla Latte on the rocks from Starbucks but, alas, the closest Starbucks is far away and I'm too lazy to get into the car.

Perhaps a good workout would be just what I need to boost my energy. But than that would require changing into workout clothes and shoes. Indeed, a paramount production.

As I type my fingers have to stop every fourth word or so...Just to rest.

My eyelids keep trying to close and they don't want to open again.

A cat nap might be nice...But I am afraid it will turn into a luxurious lion size snooze that will make the afternoon too short.

But now that I have written about it I might get off this computer and try to shake off this silly sluggishness.

Or I might just crawl in bed.


Bec said...

Well if you were I could guarentee you would be feeling better because that cup of La Vida Dulce has me workin 90 to nothin :)
But then again those relaxing summer afternoons are wonderful.

Bec said...

oops! if you were here.....
See I am typing faster than my thoughts.

Lara said...

Geez everything is a compitition with you isn't it? I say I'm tired and you have to go on 10 paragraphs about how tired you are! :) By the way how is your laundry pile?

Lara said... la vida must be defective! I bet they switched the regular and decaf the day I was there! I want my money back! (or could you just fix me up with an iv?

Unknown said...

Lara my luandry pile is actually under control...but now that I have bragged about it I won't have it uder control again for at least 6 months!

Defective La Vida....say it ain't so!