Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Soaking in the Sun

It seems hard to believe that for 21 days I have been soaking in the Arizona sun. It is even harder to believe that in 3 days I will once again be back home. It's been a great trip! And since the hubby has joined us it has been even more fun.

One of the more spectacular sights here are the sunsets. We had the opportunity to see a great "sunset show" on July 3rd. We went to my aunt and uncles house for a great dinner with my my parents, my brothers and their families, and extended friends and family. The pic above is of me with my two brothers. Dan is on my right and Fil is on my left. I know what you are thinking: She is the oldest sibling? I know it is hard to believe, but I am in fact the oldest.

Below are a series of sunset pictures from that night.

We had a great time yesterday celebrating Independence Day. We had some friends over for swimming and eating and it was fun to hang out and relax.

We also got some great news while we have been here. That sweet man of mine has been promoted to Lieutenant Commander...Which means that from now on he might make me call him "sir". Actually, being the humble guy that he is, he has quietly acknowledged this great news while I have wanted to shout it from the mountains that surround our little valley. It's great news for him, which makes me happy.

So all is well in the desert...It's time to go swimming. I only have 72 hours left to perfect my Arizona tan!

La Vida Dulce!