Monday, July 24, 2006

The Weekend in Pictures

Saturday: A visit to our states capital and the Natural Science Museum.

Sunday: An afternoon on the river.

La Vida Dulce


Anonymous said...

I like your new profile picture especially since it is a "profile" HA HA but it looks like you are depressed...maybe it would be more funny if in your far right bottom corner you were flying the bird :)

Unknown said...

Dear Anonymous

Thank you. I was depressed in that picture. I had run out of diet Coke that day and I was having to drink iced tea to muster enough energy to go for a Coke (A-Cola) run.

Just Kidding! Grace actually took that picture while I was watching Austin run to the mail box for me. I look serious because sending him to do that is always serious business...he often drops mail all the way up the driveway. But he's cute while he does it.

By the way, who ARE you?