Friday, July 28, 2006

"Gimpy" is Born!

This was my project for this week. The hubby named her Gimpy because her right front leg is a tad bit shorter than the rest. She is made of linen (a couple of linen napkins that had major yellow spots). Her mouth is a little funky but for my first try I don't think she is all that bad.

Next I will try to make one out of wool felt. Maybe in Grey?


Lara said...

Has the commodore perscribed a regimine of stretches to help even the poor thing out?

Lisa said... are so crafty
btw...I haven't been bloggin at 3 am, something is wrong with the clock on my comp, it was 6:30am not 3:30am. Baby already has me up by 6:30

Anonymous said...

feeling bored, Kellie?