Tuesday, March 01, 2011

You're Gonna Make It After All

Three weeks ago, I had an idea: Throw an Egg/Nest Themed Baby shower, and make these <--- (to see link, click the word in green) for decorations and party favors.

I have always wanted to try decoupage eggs with real shells, but the "real shells" part always frightened me. So I was waffling...should I make them? Or would it be too hard?

So I went to work on a Saturday afternoon watching back-to-back episodes of The Mary Tyler Moore Show on Hulu while cutting out tissue paper and wondering if this project was more than I could chew.

Turns out:

"It's you girl and you should know it,
with each egg, and a little bit glue, you show it.
You're gonna make it after all.
You're gonna make it after all."

{If you didn't grow up watching Mary Tyler Moore, that last quote (with bloggers' license) didn't make any sense.}

Decoupage egg making is a satisfying endeavor. One that involves glitter and the smell of Modge Podge hanging in the air. What more could a girl want?

I didn't want to go crazy with supplies if I wasn't going to follow through, so I used two eggs for practice, with some tissue paper I had on hand.

The project is a go...

I've hollowed out 17 eggs. I washed and dried them and gave them a layer of Modge Podge.

Today I hope to make a trip to the "fancy" store to get some decorative napkins that might match the theme of the party. And then I have to figure out how to attach a ribbon on the top for hanging purposes. I'm thinking it will involve using the hot glue gun...Its like the trifecta of craft projects - pretty paper, glitter and glue. Seriously people, the only thing that would make it perfection is if it somehow involved yarn. And chocolate.

So that's the project for this week. Actually, there are others, but my blogging time is over. I must go teach about Predicate Nominatives and how to figure out a Simple Interest Rate using the formula: I = P x R x T. Simple? Sure it is.

Happy Tuesday to you!


Blue Skies said...

beautiful beautiful beautiful! You may outdo yourself with this one. So, did you eat lots of omelets and scrambled eggs recently?
I love Predicate Nominatives! You are a crafter extraordinaire. (How's that for a PN?)

Gretchen said...

My aunt used to make beautifully decoupaged eggs...gosh, it's been over 25 years ago, I'd guess...and I still remember them. After a while, she did goose and ostrich eggs, too. I even tried my hand at a few. They were fun. Thanks for the walk down memory lane. And BTW, yours are so adorable! What a lurvely theme for a baby shower. And Easter!

Can we still be friends even tho math makes me itch?

The Lord Family said...

Lovely. Simply lovely. I really want to try these this year--they've been on the wish list for awhile now.
Craft day soon?

Deena said...

Oh my goodness!! These are so beautiful! You have such great ideas, and then you actually do the projects. Impressive!

stu_tv said...

Looks like Monday morning omelettes for me.

Anonymous said...

You are just TOO crafty!! They're gorgeous. Well done.

Amy said...

Impressive! No hat flinging around this craft, though.