Monday, March 28, 2011

It's Over

I don't want to sound dramatic, but it's over. 

Here I am, on this cold, dark, dreary (possibly snowy) morning and I can't believe that Spring Break 2011 has come and gone.

It feels like I blinked my eyes, and it all went by. I let my guard down and it passed without a moments notice.

And yet...

So may things happened. I traveled. A baby was born. I made dinners and desserts. I planted seeds and crocheted, and finished projects that need to mailed. I've watched more basketball this week than I have since 1997. I hung out with good friends and watched movies with The Girl.

I slept in, I slept in, I slept in.

Six o'clock came early this morning.

There are a few things I managed to avoid this week that are first on my agenda today...folding piles of clean laundry (to empty baskets for laundry currently being washed), getting to the gym, and cleaning out the refrigerator (a chore that I do often but always seems to "grow".)

Its not a glamorous life, but its steady work. What more could I ask for?

Well, maybe longer vacations.

Happy Monday!


Anonymous said...

boo for it being over! But it sounds like you had a wonderful spring break!

Hillcrest Cottage said...

Summer is coming! Happy thought.