Friday, March 11, 2011

Seventh Grade Math is Not for Wimps

This was a long week. Thank goodness there are Daffodils growing right out side my window.

Seventh grade math nearly took me out this week, but I refuse to give in.

Although I nearly did.

It's very difficult to work outside of boxes I'm used to playing in, (math is a "box" I do my best to avoid) and this week I was tempted to despair (and revert back to old thoughts and feelings)

Anyway, there was math this week.

And after-math.

I did manage to get a few other things done around here though....Here are the highlights:

We are horse sitting until Sunday.

Just heading out to the barn for 15 minutes each afternoon has given me (and the kids) a respite in the middle of our day.

We feed and water and play.

And give them treats.

It makes me want to live on a ranch.
I also  managed a little crochet therapy:

I started (and finished) another Ruffly scarf.

Then I started a new afghan I have wanted to do for a really long time. Fear had put me off for awhile...for some reason blankets feel scary to in long-term relationship scary.

Oh! but the truth is, I'm in love....

Here was the beginning on Tuesday.
Look at that skinny little thing.

Each night I have tried to add a row or two.
This morning, I added 3 more rows...

I wish the clouds would hurry up and go away...because the lighting has been awful for pictures.

I am certain this afghan is going to give me a good attitude for the rest of my teaching career. I will wrap myself in it when I teach learn pre-algebra and I will be happy.

I have a thousand-and-one things I want to write this afternoon, but the words aren't coming out right when I type them, so I'm just going to say this:  Happy Friday! May your weekend be sunny!


Anonymous said...

I bet you are doing great! I love math.. so worse case you get me to come visit and you teach me how to crochet and I teach math :-)

Unknown said...

Here we call it maths (pronounced mazz!)

Having my St Patricks Bloggy carnival again this year if you'd like to join in :)

Beth said...

The afghan is already gorgeous! Absolutely beautiful. And, I love the ruffly scarf. Speaking of horses, have you read Half Broke Horses? Excellent book!

Sandy said...

The afghan is going to be beautiful!