Tuesday, March 08, 2011

Signs of Spring

I know that spring is nearly here when I see these things...

The Boy just sitting outside in the sunshine.

(Later I found that Kona the Wondermutt had decided to join him for a little time in the sun.)

They then became aware of the paparazzi.
Kona sticks her tongue out to the camera.
Kona asked that this unflattering picture not be put on the internet, but since she continues to get on the couch when we are not home, all bets are off.

Ok, ok, Kona would like this picture posted so you know that she is really excited about St. Patricks Day. (Just between you and me....she thinks she is Irish, and I don't have the heart to remind her that she's Australian. So we just let her think what she wants.)

We are also growing a carrot top for our beloved Penny. (she likes the tops the best)

After-all, what is springtime without a floppy eared rabbit?

Especially one who adores banana's?
Is she not the cutest. little. thing

The reason we took this video is that we were hoping to record her 'hum'. When she eats something she REALLY loves, or when you give her lots of attention, she will do this buzzing kind of hum. Its the sweetest thing.

Have I mentioned that I love this bunny?

I try really hard not to show my favoritism around the Wondermutt. 

(Uh, actually, I don't. Sometimes favoritism is just apart of pet ownership. I mean who wouldn't favor "I just went out in the yard and rolled in poop" over  "I'm cute and fuzzy, trained to a litter box and give myself my own baths."

But that's for another post.

More signs of spring?

Daffodils that grow all over the yard. 

But the best part of spring (and also maybe the worst) is that I start to sound silly. 

In case you couldn't tell.

Happy Tuesday!


Gretchen said...

Oh, the LIES you spread about my friend Kona's behavior. ;) Love, Annie the Golden Retriever.

Lurve, lurve, lurve Miss Penny and her banana. Our bunnies used to adore them. And I used to like giving strawberries, too. The lipstick stain was hilarious.

Happy almost spring, my friend.

Anonymous said...

ohh my word.. loved watching the bunny eat.. but I think Kona is still my favorite ;-) Love me some Australian shepherd :-)

Sandy said...

I'd definitely be "with you" on not being too thrilled w/the "rolling in poop"... We used to have a dog that ate her own poop!! So gross!

I'm wondering if Luna (the bunny part of the menagerie next door) has ever tried bananas...

I love your pictures & totally am SO ready for spring, warmth, flowers, green, etc.

O Mom said...

Ahhh spring. We still have snow covering the ground.....

Gretchen said...

I'm a week late in catching up on the blogoshpere.
But we need to talk. I was JUST looking through options for 7th grade math for next year. Can you FB message me and tell me what you are using? And your opinion. Please. Help! :)

Guess what? We have a new bunny at our house. We just picked her up yesterday. She is TINY!!! Dwarf Dutch. We still love Luna, but a new baby sure steals the show. (I won't tell Kona if you won't tell Luna, mkay?)