Friday, February 01, 2008

Contest Winners!

You may have caught the plural nature of the title.

Thank you for coming to play! I wish I had 817 things to give away, because y'all were so fun. We girls love just about anything, pink, flowery, cupcake-y, or FREE!!

With all the great comments I couldn't possibly just give away one or the other. So I said a prayer before I used the random number generator in hopes that the numbers would come up with an "apron" winner, and a "hand bag" number, and that is exactly what happened.

The first number generated was #595. Cindy from Still His Girl posted:

That Apron might be enough to get me in the kitchen more often! Adorable.

Well, Cindy, start pickin' out recipes cuz the apron's on it's way! (i also look forward to taking a look around your blog!)

The second number generated was #121, Danielle. She doesn't have a blog that I could find, but she said:

The Bag! I don't know how to cook anyways!

Danielle, I wish you many happy days with your new bag and journal!

I was really very amazed at the amount of people who came to visit and said such nice things. Thank you!

Thank you also to Shannon for organizing and hosting the event. I can't imagine all the extra blog work this week has been for her! But it has been so much fun or those who participate!

If this contest has made you a La Vida Dulce "regular" I am happy to say Welcome! Be sure to say HI! from time to time!


Huse Yo Mama said...

<----- pouting.

Congratulations, girls! Enjoy the apron and handbag!!!

The Gochis Family said...


What a fun contest! You are so talented!

First of all, how scray with your medical stuff on the last couple of posts. I hope you are feeling better.

Secondly, thaanks for your comment on my page about Hannah. My mom loved it!!!! She said that you love the sweetest comments! :) I would have responded back to it directly but I don't know how!!! I really need blogging help! :)

Love you friend! Take care!


Cindy-Still His Girl said...

YEAH!!!! Thanks! :) Maybe the apron will redeem me in the kitchen (come read my latest post and see why I'm praying that is true). :)