Thursday, February 14, 2008

Happy Valentines Day!

In our house we have a Red Plate tradition. It's a way to mark a special time.

We pull out the Red Plate on birthdays, and when guests come to stay. We also use it when big things in life happen, like when The Mister graduates from school (again, and again, and again), or when the kids face something particularly hard with bravery and perseverance.

Sometimes, when life throws us a curve ball, we pull the plate out, to encourage, or to celebrate (depending on what curve that ball takes). For instance, on July 17th, 2005, The Mister had taken The Boy and The Girl hiking through the woods near our house in NC. The Girl spotted, with her eagle eyes, a large copper head snake on the trail. She was able to warn her brother and Dad right as they began to step over the deadly snake. We still talk about the day "The Girl saved the their lives."

How do I know the details?

Well, I also have a Red Plate Log. A pretty, spiral bound, note book. Before the honoree of the Red Plate gets to partake of his/her meal (or dessert), he/she must write the date, their name, and description in the Red Plate Log.

Anyway, I was thinking about Valentines Day today, and listening to all the love songs on the radio, and hearing people call in, and tell how this day is hard for them. They don't want to celebrate love because they don't have someone to share love with. Or they don't have a valentine that cares. There is no joy for them today. And it made me think of two things...

First, it made me feel sad for those who do not know the love of God.

Y'all, it sounds cliche, because it's plastered all over bumper stickers, and it is sometimes yelled from street corners, and it is often said by people who don't express it lovingly, but God loves you.

Not just today, but every single day.

While I try not to get preachy on this blog, I feel certain today is a good day to say these things, cause if you're feeling a lack of love on this one day a year that everybody, christian or not, focuses on being loved, I want you to know you are loved...and there's not a valentine in the world that could compete with His love.

That is worth celebrating...

My second thought was that I wish I could take out my Red Plate for all who read this blog. Most of you I know in real life. Some of you I don't.

If you could come over I would serve you home made Valentine sugar cookies on the Red Plate, and you could tell me what you are celebrating. It might be love, it might be a goal attained, it might be that you got all the kids to school today and got a shower!

If you feel like sharing a bit of your joy, I would love to celebrate with you...the comments are open.

1 John 4:19
We love because He first loved us.


Blue Skies said...

Do you know that those signature "Red Plate"s changed to a white plate with some funky colors? We have one of the funky ones but I keep my eye out to catch one of those perfect red ones.

I am celebrating a husband, whom I definitely don't deserve, who demonstrates sacrificial, unconditional, biblical love, to me every day of the year.

mer@lifeat7000feet said...

Great post! We have a red plate too, Kellie! It's actually my second one because the first one we owned fell and broke one day. I've never thought about keeping a notebook, but that's a terrific idea!

I think I'll celebrate surviving my crazy week! It's been extemely busy and hectic and I made it through. I am planning to collapse tonight and sleep in tomorrow because the kids are out of school! WooHoo!

meh said...

Kellie, I love your post today!! God's love IS so incredibly real, and because you also are so real it makes me very glad to be your friend. I can almost taste those sugar cookies coming off that plate and I can almost hear myself saying to you: Today I am celebrating the love God shows me through the gift of sweet friendships.

hav2sing said...

'k... I'm coming over and I expect exactly what you said... homemade valentine cookies on a the red plate.

And coffee.

With whipped cream.

And some chocolate in there would be lovely.


Love your post -- and today I've been feeling the love -- I too have a dh that I don't deserve, and more blessings than I can count (which I also don't deserve)... and very cool and creative friends who have fabulous traditions in their families and share them with the world.

You are loved too :-)


Anonymous said...

Beautifully said! Happy Valentine Day, K4. We're home after a very long trip and so I get to catch up with you until the next trip. My sweet husband remembers well your gift of chocolate chip cookies! Love to you and yours!
NC Mama

Megan O. said...

I loved this post and I love the spiral notebook idea.
I feel like I haven't "talked" to you in awhile ( I realized tonight I had about 3 of your posts to catch up on). Guess it's been kind of crazy around here.

But I am celebrating that I finally got our interview up on my blog!! (And I stole your photo to put with it--I hope you're ok with that!)

Hope you're having a wonderful Valentine's day!!

Anonymous said...

I am celebrating my sweet husband and children, who love me even when I am crabby. Family who lives very close by. ;) And, because we were sick with the influenza like I have not been sick in a very long time, I am celebrating being healthy again!

Anonymous said...

Oops, sorry!

Anonymous said...

Okay, I've heard of the "special plate" thing before, but definitely not heard of the log! I love that and may have to find myself a red plate before my little one gets much older.

So, I'm celebrating sharing great ideas. I'm celebrating a night out with friends (and having a friend babysit). And I'm celebrating God's faithful provision, even in small details.

mer@lifeat7000feet said...


are you getting snow today? i don't know exactly where you live "in the desert" but it looked like some might be heading your way! so much for tank tops and flip flops, huh?

Unknown said...

I really enjoyed reading what every one is celebrating.. I certainly celebrated your joys with a smile and an extra piece of valentines chocolate. It was a good thing! I may break out the Red Plate here on the blog more often...I like to hear what brings y'all joy!