Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Happy Little Boxes Make Me Glad

I have a ton of things I want to write about, and in the interest of procrastination, I do believe I will write about them now.

First of all, on Sunday morning before church I decided to use a face scrub in the shower. I was running kind of late so I very quickly began to scrub away at my face. When I put my face under the shower head a little piece of that scrub got into my right eyeball, and I haven't been the same since.

By the time I got to church I had to take out my contact, and I spent the all of Sunday School winking at our teacher who is a retired pastor and old enough to be my grandfather. My eye was a mean color of red in the corner, and I am sure that everybody was looking at the beautiful effects of my facial scrub. Of course I didn't talk about it, but just acted as if I was not contagious, or at all in pain.

Unfortunately, I haven't updated my glasses in almost 8 years, so the prescription is a little (a lot) weak. Which means I can only see half as good as when I am wearing my contacts.

My eye is better, but is still swollen and a little bit painful so I have been walking around, half blind, feeling grateful that The Mister had been home to be my chauffeur. Unfortunately he had to go to work today, so I am on my own.

Today I really needed to go on a run, but I don't like to run in glasses. Nor do I enjoy not being able to see where I am running. I thought I would get on the treadmill this morning and run off the weekend, and let me tell you, that would be A LOT of running.


Last night, after a weekend of parties and celebration, I finally decided to just eat all the ice cream and Valentines candy in the house, so that it would be gone, and I wouldn't have to eat it anymore. Is that not the best logic? It sounded perfect to me at the time. But before I tell you about the running off of gluttonous calories, I have to back track...

On Saturday I rented Hairspray for The Mister and I to watch together, but when we put it in our DVD it wouldn't work. We cleaned the disk and tried again to no avail. Yesterday, my seeing eyed husband took me to the Blockbuster to exchange it for a working copy.

The plan this morning was to put the movie in and watch it while on the tread mill. Of course I had to move my treadmill to be directly in front of the TV, because of the whole Infected-Eye-Blind-As-A-Bat problem.

I got everything all ready and popped the movie in and IT DIDN'T WORK!!!!! It loads, and loads, and loads, and then the DVD turns off. I know it isn't the player because the kids and I have all used the player several times in between these Hairspray DVD's. Maybe I am not supposed to watch Hairspray? Maybe I am not supposed to run? Maybe I should be doing a thousand other things, like say, laundry, cleaning bathrooms or something of that nature.


I can't see, can't run, can't drive, can't watch a movie. So I thought I would make boxes from the tutorial that Mer has on her blog. They are fun, and they make me happy, cuz they are way more fun then laundry or running or anything else.

All right. Writing this post did not take as long as I wanted it to, which means I should go fold that laundry that you see in the picture below. You don't know how hard I tried to make the picture so you couldn't see that laundry, but in the interest of being transparent....there you go!

Happy Tuesday!


mer@lifeat7000feet said...

Oooh, that eye thing sounds incredibly painful. So sorry about that. Hope you're back to normal soon. Also glad to hear that someone else lets their prescription for eyeglasses lapse. I'm in sore need of a new pair for reading, but just can't bring myself to spend the $$.

I LOVE your boxes! They turned out very cute!!!! Glad they make you happy.

And yeah, I'll definitely be sucking air when we climb Pikes Peak. I've adjusted to the altitude over the course of 4 years, but anytime I move up in elevation, I defnitely notice the air is thinner...no matter what kind of cardio shape I'm in.

C D said...

You so crack me up. :-) Sorry to laugh in the midst of your pain...

I'm not really laughing at your pain.

You should see me house.

I have people coming in 2 days and oh. my. gosh.


C D said...

my house. you should see my house.

CD <-- dork.

:D :D

Anonymous said...

Maybe I got some face scrub in my eye, too, because it took me looking at that picture twice before I could see the laundry to which you referred. Or maybe it's because it looks like an anthill compared the mountainous laundry pile in my living room!

meh said...

Love the boxes! Love that you have a seeing-eye husband. Love that I am not the only one with laundry begging to be folded. Love that you share the philosophy of eating the candy so that it won't tempt you anymore! Hate that your eye has a boo- boo. Hope it feels better soon.

Blue Skies said...

You are too funny. I'm so sorry about the eye. I can totally commiserate with you. I've got pollen in my eye. And my nose. and my lungs.
I love those little boxes. What are you going to do with them now? Are they for gifts, decorating, wishes, hmmmm......