Friday, February 15, 2008

Snow and Interviews!

Do you remember when I was bragging last week about flip flops and sandals?

Well, I jinxed us. Last night a winter storm blew in and today it was cold, and was even snowing!

The good news?

The weather man says that I will be wearing those old tank tops again, maybe even before the weekend is out! I am an optimist!

I want to keep todays post short. Mostly because I would love for you to go over to sweet Megan's blog.

Megan is a bloggy friend of mine, whom I am really enjoying getting to know. Several weeks ago she asked if she could do an interview of me for her blog. I am not sure I am qualified to be interviewed, but it was really fun getting to "talk" with Megan.

What an honor it was to share a bit of myself with you, and in the process hear you say that God has used this poor creature (me) to teach you more about Him! God amazes me, every single day.

I pray that we will meet sometime "in real life"! I'll bring the coffee!

Happy Friday!