Monday, February 11, 2008


I took a bloggy break this weekend to catch up on All That Had Been Put Off. The weather was so incredible that I opened windows and doors and let the sweet desert breeze blow all those little flu germs right out!

In ten minutes I am going to leave here and take BOTH kids to school!!!! This will be the first time in two weeks that both kids have gone to school.

We are all finally feeling great and I can't tell you how good it will feel to go to the gym. Over the last two weeks I have lost several pounds (I know, poor me...) but it was definitely all muscle, which is so sad. It takes so long to put those babies on, and they go away so quickly.

Because I will still be getting caught up this week the blog may be a little slow.....I have several things that need to be updated, like the scripture memory, which I have still been doing but I was not motivated to put the new verses up on the blog. I have also read three books in the last two weeks (my friends meh and Lara will be proud). I also have to tell you about the birthday shopping trip and the gift The Girl picked that made me feel Oh So Proud...and i mean that sincerely.

All right. Have to run. The Boy and I completed his science project and we have to carry our first ever tri-fold board carefully to his classroom.

I just wanted to say Good Monday Morning!!

The CoffeeGal is back!!!!!!!!!!!!

As dcrmom would say:



C D said...

So glad all is well in the coffee gal household!!

I'm organizing my kitchen today. *huge smile!*



Musings of a Housewife said...

UGH. Seems like everywhere I turn, someone is talking about having the flu. ARGH. Glad you're on the mend.

Blue Skies said...

I can feel the energy popping out of your post. I hope your day was as productive as you'd hoped it would be.

Anonymous said...

Welcome back! Your dreams were your ticket out.

That is only funny if you watched Welcome Back, Kotter as much as I did.

I am glad you are on the mend, and whoot-ing!