Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Kona the Wondermutt

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I am pulling out an old post in response to the gals over at the LPM blog. Amanda, the blog administrator, posted a bit on her dog and invited others to post something too.

The post I am going to share is from two years ago when The Mister had asked me (several times) to keep the dog on the leash on her early morning walk because of her "problem".

That morning I hadn't leashed her and she took off into the woods and wouldn't come back. She was gone for about 20 minutes. When she came home The Mister was leaving for work. Just as he opened the garage door she came running in smelling less-than-delightful and tried very hard to jump up on The Mister to wish him a good morning.

That morning Kona and I got into trouble. We both knew it. (Only she wasn't smart enough to pretend like she hadn't enjoyed it.)

The post was actually an email that he let me post to the blog later on in the day. He's a good man.

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La Vida Dulce!


Lara said...

If I had posted in the last week and had no "post" (ha ha) in my own eye I would point out that reposting an earlier post is LAME, but I haven't posted in a week post (the one in my eye) must be bigger than your post! (is that some kind of record for the word post in one RUNON sentence? :))