Friday, August 17, 2007

The Woes of Clothes

All week I tried to refrain from shop talk. I'm not talking "work" here. I'm actually talking about shopping. Again.

All week I tried to keep the blog "real." My motto was: Less fluff more "stuff".

But y'all, I have a crisis.

A "Low-Rise" crisis.

I must write.

I need jeans. OK, I want jeans. Jeans that fit and don't look like I am preparing for the flood. Just one pair that fits nice, looks good and is affordable. Is that too much to ask?

I went to two widely known stores, that sell affordable clothing. I tried on a hundred pairs of jeans if I tried one. Well, for the sake of all things denim, it was actually only fifteen.

The real problem is that I am no Posh Spice. I am an average sized, close to middle age woman, who has birthed two of the most enormous children known to man. I do not need super low-rise pants. What happened to the mid-rise pants from three years ago? I complained when the waist dropped then. I am not sinking any lower.

Am I destined to a wardrobe of work-out wear and yoga pants all winter?

OK, I think I feel better.

What does make things feel better is that it is a Fabulous Friday! In about 2 hours I will feel a lot better because that's when I head up to the Mexican Restaurant with The Mister's Sisters! (I just love saying that!) Who needs jeans when you've got friends and a hall pass for Friday night?

Mrs. MooFish, her older Sis and I are going out (just us girls) for night of Mexican food, fun, and........Ice cream (tried to look-up a word for ice cream that starts with 'f', but it didn't work out.)

Have a great weekend!

(A jean-less)
La Vida Dulce!


Anonymous said...

K-try - maybe their jean finder can help. I did it and it gave options from $24-$168. Good luck! - J

meh said...

Try Kohls and their apt.9 brand. And good luck, sister!! I am also about to embark on my annual jean search and it scares the livin' daylight out of me. Expecially when I don't have someone to tell me if the jeans make my behiney look big.

Mr. Moofish said...

That F word for ice cream is a word combination.

It is "Frozen Scoop of Paradise".

Mr. Moofish

Kellie said...

Mr. Moofish,

Most excellent!