Sunday, August 12, 2007

How To Remove Cactus from Your Knuckles

A Tutorial in Pictures:

My brother-in-law, Mr MooFish, has graciously sent pictures of his Adventure with Cholla, and given me permission to post them.

His email said:

Here is photographic evidence of my Mr. Moofish educational sacrifice.

Sometimes educating others can be a painful thing. Just taking one for the team. Putting myself out there. Whatever it takes to show others what not to do.

I, for one, have learned! I've learned more about cholla and found another very good use for keys!

Thanks for pics Mr MooFish, and for letting me share your adventure on the net!
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Dana said...

How is it possible to be laughing my head off at the same time that I feel his pain?! I am so sad that he got hurt, and yet, I can't help laughing when I see those pictures, which, by the way, is the way I found out what happened! He rushes in the house saying, "I need to wash my hands, no reason" and my sis-in-law proceeds to show me the pictures she took during his "Battle with the Cholla!" Too funny!
Seriously, Kellie, I loved the parallels you drew between living in the desert and our walk with the Lord! Good stuff!
Mrs. Moofish

spaghettipie said...

Ouch! I'm not sure whether to think Mr. Moofish is resourceful with the keys or just plain silly for trying said Cactus Trick in the first place. But I am laughing that someone was taking pictures of the whole ordeal, rather than helping. That's something I would do...

Mr. Moofish said...

What you don't realize is that in that picture where I am reaching my other hand up to save the first that moment....the reaching hand...was still unharmed...but not for long, I made sure of that.

That little thing then transferred itself from my one hand deep into the other hand. So deep that when my sister and bro-in-law were pulling them out they were not coming out on the first yank.

So naturally I grabbed up with the first hand again and pop back it inbedded itself into the first hand again. OUCH! OUCH! OUCH! I believe I used the 's' word at that point.

As the picture takers were finishing tugging the needles out of the second hand, I finally got my keys out of my pocket (somehow) and used the Hyundai key to scrap the thing off onto a rock. That darn Ford key was useless.

I really really really used to be good at that trick. Guess I am just too old and slow now.