Monday, August 06, 2007

Little Monday Project

I have been wanting to get the old sewing machine out all summer, but the days keep ticking away. This morning it was raining and cloudy and I decided today would be the day!

I have been wanting new table linens. The ones I really liked are more than I want to pay for 4 napkins, since I know it is, maybe, $12.00 worth of material, and I may be being too generous.

I have yards and yards of material left over from an old Ralph Lauren duvet I inherited years ago. You may recognize the material from here and here. Do you remember those Carolina Summer days when I went on that crafts binge, and made my kids do it too? Ah! Memories!

I decided that perhaps I could try my hand at making linen table napkins. Also known as, Old-Hand-Me-Down-Duvet table napkins.

So here is my final product. They are a bit rough around the edges. But they will work. And I got to get my trusty sewing machine out of the box where it has been sitting forlornly in a closet for a very long time.

Now that I know that I can make them I am going to go to the fabric store and browse through the remnant bin and see if I can find any of those beautiful paisley patterns in those amazing reds and greens and yellows!

La Vida Dulce!


MEH said...

J. doesn't think that looks like G. (: I think that is very very sad and that you need to come for a visit!

Lara said...

OH I LOVE THEM...I secretly yearn to have a table with linen napkins, but then I would also need the maid to launder them!

Anonymous said...

OK! Here's the deal---I give you some of my quilters stash(your choice)if I too get some new placemats and napkins? And you know I have a stash(well hidden)of course.

Kellie said...