Friday, August 24, 2007

Tragic Loss of the Little Pink Book

If you have had a birthday since March, chances are I missed it.

I have two secrets. First, I don't remember birthdays, but people around me think I do. My 2nd secret: The Little Pink Book.

My long list of birthdays are held in the Little Pink Book which has been MIA since The Move.

I thought I had packed it in the van to bring along in case our temporary housing situation become, well, less temporary. When I couldn't find it, I decided that it was somewhere in the 8 very large crates that all our household goods were stored in for 3 months, while we waited for the House That Has Not Sold to sell (but is now blessedly rented!)

I have unpacked every last moving box and everything has been put away for quite some time, and yet the Little Pink Book is still a goner.

Today I am going to go to Target and buy a new Little Pink Book.

Do me favor, send me your birthday through email or through the comments. I love birthdays, not just mine. So feel free to send your birthday even if you know I didn't have it before! I will be sure to get a Little Pink Book with plenty of room! If you have my personal email, then use that one. If you don't have that one use the La Vida email found in my About Me section. If you don't mind putting it in the comments, that's OK too. Cause I do have that sickness prone to all bloggers: Comment Compulsion. I like to hear from you.

Happy Friday! (If not Happy Birthday.)


Blue Skies said...

i need a little pink book myself. I spend a lot of time every December transferring birthdays and anniversaries to my new calendar. consequently it has been reduced to family only, who are a little less forgiving if I forget. Mine is actually quite soon - Aug 27. I hit the big Three Five before you, barely. I'll let you know how it goes. The first thing learned, today, is that it means I get to have the boob flattening x-ray sometime soon as a "base-line".

Lara said...

And on another note...ARE YOU DONE WITH THE HARRY POTTER BOOK YET? I think I've already forgotten what happened!

Lara said...

OH and DOB is January 24, 1981 :)

Anonymous said...

DOB - 2/25/80 - K2 ;)

Anonymous said...

they are lying about the year Aren't they or am I just that old and was in college when you all were born Bec