Friday, March 09, 2007


Well, we made it. After five long days in two cars, with 2 kids, and enough clothing to be comfortable with all climates we might encounter (not to mention the many visits to public bathrooms), we have arrived in the desert... just in time for the beginning of summer. Today it was in the 80's with the promise of low 90's this weekend.

Truly, the drive across the country was amazing. It was great to see the greatest country up close and personal. And now I can put on my resume: Traveled by car through all states in the Southern USA...solo. Although I wasn't alone. The Mister was behind me that whole time...making sure that my cruise control was set to a speed that would keep me out of trouble!

I have gotten a bit settled since I arrived 48 hours ago. I am systematically trying to accomplish things according to priority. I am trying to take things one thing at a time so that i don't get overwhelmed. I have gotten an AZ drivers license, registered my kids in school, visited the local Target, Costco and Starbucks, to be sure they are all convenient and safe. And, most importantly I got my hair cut and colored which was a task that I seriously considered placing at #1 on the list. I was on the verge of a major hair crises.

As a side note, I did feel slightly weird when I drove through the Starbucks line for my hot Cinnamon Dolce Latte and then drove off in my car with the air conditioner on...but such is the life when you live in the desert.

We spent this morning touring and meeting the kids and teachers at the new school. I am very excited for Austin and Grace. I am certain that they will feel welcome and continue to learn as much as they did NC. They start on Monday.

I have many pictures of our travels from across the country so I will try to post soon. I just wanted to sign on real quick and let you know that we are here and doing well. For those of you that were praying and wishing us well on our journey we thank you so much. Things are good and we look forward to this next adventure in our lives! And of, course, it will all be here on the blog!

La Vida Dulce!

PS: There are some of you back home in NC that were on our postcard list. They are on the way!!

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Anonymous said...

Great photo! How'd you get Max to pose with the kids? Miss you guys. K2

Unknown said...

Oh MY GOodness!

K2, you had me laughing so hard I almost had an accident! MIss you too!


Lara said...

I am SO READY for a visit! I'm sure your parents wouldn't mind a few more? :) We do have spring break this week ya know

Anonymous said...

Congrats on making it across the country and getting so much accomplished already. Things aren't the same here without you! I'm pretty sure it's your fault that all of my kids have had the flu during the week following your departure. :-) Can't wait to hear how the first day of school was for the kids. Tell Max and the kids we miss y'all.
Take care,
K1 (I think that's me?)