Sunday, March 04, 2007

The Adventure Begins

It's early and I am in the hotel business office.

Things have been going well. The weather has been good, although yesterday it was very, very windy which made for some tough driving.

Last night we ended up in Nashville and planned to stay today to visit the zoo. But have decided to travel on as the weather is predicted to be very cold. We are going to try to get more west before we stop and do something fun with the kids. It's great to see the country as we drive.

I can't type long as the kids and The Mister are awaiting my return on "researching" fun kid things in the states ahead, but I wanted to tell you a bit about our adventure yesterday. Some of you know that I have a lead foot that has earned itself a speeding ticket in each town we have lived in the past 10 years. So my one and only personal goal was to not get a ticket before we left North Carolina.

Well, before were even 3 hours away from our town I got pulled over by the sheriff!!!

But I REALLY wasn't speeding!

I have a frame (put on by the car dealership) around my license plate, and apparently that's against the law. I got a warning for "failure to properly display my license plate."

So I did manage to get out of the state without a ticket but not without a warning, and a humble reminder that I better behave!

OK...I have to run. I wish I could write about our last night in NC. It will be a memory that will be precious to me for a lifetime. I will be sure to write more later!

Until then,

La Vida Dulce (from Nashville!)