Saturday, March 17, 2007

No Pinching Here

Happy Top O' the Mornin' To Ya!

It's a beautiful St. Patty's Day. I like to tell you that we ate Green Eggs and Ham or Lucky Charms for breakfast but we didn't.

We just put a big 'ole green bow in The Girls's hair and called it a day. The Boy is wearing his camo's and I can't wait for him and his Dad to get back from their hike so I can see if The Sweet Man of Mine is wearing Green. I'll take any reason to give him a "love" pinch!

La Vida Dulce
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Lara said...

How did you do the green in this b&w pic? You are turning into a NERD!

cdub said...

Dave made us corned beef and cabbage for St. Patty's. I was completely unaware that this had anything to do with the Irish (All these years I mistakenly took it for a Jewish delight: "I'll have the corned beef on rye!". Gotta say I wasn't a fan. Nothing against the Irish (or the Jews).

I like the green bow on your kiddo. Nice touch. :)

Unknown said...

IF you put your pictures into Picasa you can turn color pictures to B&W. Then you can go into the Effects part and add color...I think it is called Focal B&W. It's really very easy and fun...and definitely not worthy of the "NERD" title. Now when I start talking about code and getting all technical then I will happily be labeled...actually I think the word that is most apt is "Geek"... and let me tell you, when the Geek comes over to fix up what you have messed up, he's like Santa to a five year old.

Anonymous said...

I like nerds :)