Thursday, March 15, 2007

Arizona Morning

Random Question: March

This was taken outside my parents home yesterday morning around 7:45. We were getting ready to walk the kids to school when this hot air balloon caught my attention. The mornings here are cool...perfect hot air balloon weather.

As I type I am finally hooked up to the Internet on my own trusty computer. Actually it's not that trusty, but it has everything on it that I use in my day to day life so I am glad that it is up and running again.

We are establishing some routine. Which I am enjoying. Next week will be another week of "newness" as The Mister starts work. It has been nice to have him around although this new schedule makes the day go quickly. The kids get out of school here almost two hours earlier than in NC. but they also start earlier too. This is good for a couple reasons: 1. I am an early person and enjoy getting up and out early. and 2. It allows for school to be over before the heat of the afternoon gets too intense.

I feel a bit out of touch with the rest of the world. I haven't watched or read the news. I haven't really had the chance to write/call or update anyone and to make matters worse the time change just made calling to the east coast a little trickier! This is why I like order in a day! Then I know when I can make time for phone calls and important things! Routine is great! It's establishing routine that's hard work!

Change is tough, even when it's good change and I am trying to get the kids and The Mister settled and established into some semblance of order...then I will be back to normal (whatever that is)...until I move outta here and into our own home. Of course, we aren't sure when that will be.

Living in a household with 4 adults, 2 children and 2 dogs is going well. It's very, very busy here. But we all seem to be handling it well. Someone out there is praying. Keep it up. It's all good, but honestly we have some serious issues...Today we ran out of Orange Juice...and we are a house divided, half of us like pulp, the other half think we should just eat the orange if we like that much pulp. And then there is the issue with laundry...why is there always so much dang laundry....oh wait...never mind, I brought that issue with me. Seems to follow me every where I go.

We also had a horrible problem with dog hair. It seems that Australian Shepherds shed more when the temperatures in March are over 85. Who knew a dog could shed so much? Especially one from Australia. Isn't it supposed to be hot there? Today Kona went to the Doggy Salon and requested a hair cut just like Austin's. I will tell you that Austin wears it better but Kona is pretty to come.

Anyway, things on the home front are going well.

Oh! I haven't done a Random Question for March. So here it goes:

Have you ever been for a ride in a hot air balloon? When and where?
If not, would you if you ever got the chance?
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Blue Skies said...

I'm so glad you guys are getting settled in. Routine is a life saver for a busy mom with school age kids. I completely agree with you!

Random poll answer: YES! My one and only time in a hot air balloon was when MY sweet "Mister" proposed one beautiful October morning outside of Austin TX. I highly recommend it (both the proposal AND the ride. I hope to someday get to ride in one again.

Lara said...

Yes! I have crewed on a hot air balloon team three times and flown once. I must say I enjoyed crewing and chasing much more than riding in the balloon...riding was a little boring even if we did land in a field full of Texas Long Horns :0 !! I would love to make it to Albequrque (sp?) and crew and ride there I'm sure the views their are breath taking!

Anonymous said...

What an incredible view for a morning walk to school!!

Never flown in one, but there is a Balloon- fest up here in our town each year, so maybe someday, perhaps when hell freezes over, I would go that high up in the sky in a balloon.

Anonymous said...

No, never, nowhere, Yes.
Glad you guys are doing well. I just changed my vacuum cleaner bag -- If Kona misses her flowing locks, I could send her some that she lost a while back :-)

cdub said...

which side of the OJ fence do you land on? considering our mutual affinity for mustard and hatred of m**o (i can't even say it), i would guess that you're a pulp hater. but i could be wrong; it's happened before!

Unknown said...

CARRIE!!! So good to hear from you!

You are such a good judge of peoples...I am in fact a pulp hater. You and I must have been separated at birth. And I appreciate you not tarnishing this friendly blog with the use of the "m" word.

And since I am here...I too have been for a ride in a hot air balloon. Max will tell you it was the happiest day in his life. My uncle was piloting his balloon for a balloon festival that was located on the university campus. I had been married less than a year and we lived in a duplex on campus. So very early on a chilly Saturday morning I walked over to the campus mall and watched them get the balloons set up. Part of the balloon launch was associated with a charity auction in which people could bid on balloon rides. Often times what would happen is that they would get the balloons ready to fly but the winning bidder would choose to stay in bed and not claim the ride they had purchased.

And so it goes with my turn in a hot air balloon. I showed up and the bidder did not, and I was told to hop in the basket at the very last minute.

We flew right over my little house where Max was sleeping peacefully.

How was this the best day of his life?

Well, you see, I was an early riser. And I didn't like to be alone. So most weekends I would wake him up (too) early and make him hang out...when he would have rather slept in.

So on this particular morning he slept and slept and slept. Completely oblivious to my adventurous morning.

It was a win-win situation, and neither of us will ever forget it!

Unknown said...


You make me laugh out loud!

Lara said...

I'm going to have to object to the name "Max" for some reason I keep thinking your talking about Kona! "The Mr." is much better!