Monday, August 14, 2006

The Zone

I have been in an intense crafting zone all summer.
Some of it is an attempt to get rid of fabrics that have been lying around in bags on shelves for, quite literally, years. Some of it is because I think I have finally figured out that the summer is the best time to get any sort of crafting done because I am more able to make the time to do it....I guess the truth could be said for the rest of the year, but with shuffling kids around and doing all the activities of school-time it is a bit more difficult to make the time count.
My latest endeavor was an apron I decided to make from some leftover material. Projects like these are fun because I pulled out the material, had an inspiration and started to get an idea of what I wanted it to look like, and had it completed within two hours. I like that: From inspiration to creation. Completed. In a tidy amount of time.
I also do enjoy aprons. For some reason I am always attracted to them. They aren't always as cutesy as this one turned out to be. I love when they are super feminine though...not like ones that you use to BBQ with. I guess I have a bit of old fashion blood in me. However, commercial aprons are always so darn expensive so I never indulge...But I am beginning to think that I can start a collection of original handmade aprons for myself...Or more likely this may be my only one!


Lara said...

You have to make me one! I love it...did I ever show you my collection of aprons from my grandmothers and great grandmothers?

Bec said...

I would ask for one too but I don't think left over fabric would go around this backside! Need the bolt!
PS. Thanks for changing your blog I love it From Malibu Barbie to fresh summertime