Friday, August 04, 2006

Blue Friday

This weeks color for the photography project is blue. You can see them below.

I seem to be in a bit of a bloggers block. I have many things on my mind and yet no time today to lay them all down on paper....or key board. But let me tell you about last night.

There is a gal from church who is getting married tomorrow. She comes from a large extended family whom I have the pleasure of calling friends (not to mention neighbors). Last night I went down the street to hang out a bit with the 3 of the 5 "K's" (there are 5 of us...pic to come) K3 is here with her sweet family from the land of Texas.

All that to say, I brought my guitar. I never want to seem presumptuous but I enjoy playing and they are a musical family and I know they enjoy singing just as much as me.

Now, let me tell you that there are many fine qualities about these beautiful K sisters...However there ability to sing together in 3 part harmony is one of their best. So I had the pleasure to play and sing with them last night. At times it was hard to sing and play because I wanted to stop and just listen. It was an amazing time of fellowship and singing worship songs. It makes me want to practice more and build up my limited repertoire.

But alas, I cannot blog nor practice my guitar right now because my room is a disaster that must be fixed. So I am taking my turkey sandwich lunch and heading upstairs with two garbage bags and an upbeat CD of some kind...cause the work has got to be done!

Have a great weekend!

La Vida Dulce!


Anonymous said...

Sister K, You are VERY kind in your assessment of last night's sing-a-long. I greatly enjoyed the time singing together. You never have to worry about being presumptuous when it comes to bringing you guitar along! I love it, not to mention your gorgeous voice. K2 (KHB)

Anonymous said...

K1 here -- you are most kind in your compliments and in sharing your talents. Bring that guitar along any time! It was a great sing-along!
You did a super job at the wedding! (off topic, I know)
Hasta pronto.