Monday, August 07, 2006

Anatomy of the Handbag

or August True Confessions

While cleaning out my room last week I threw out 2 very large bags of trash. Purging of the unused trash is not only good for is good for the soul.

Confession is also good for the soul. So it is here that I will start my monthly list of blogger confessions.

While purging my poor closet of all it's trashy fullness I came across my collection of purses and handbags, which brings me to :

Confession#1. When I am ready to switch out bags I tend to pull out the necessities and leave the junk and un-needed items in the unwanted bag. This helps twofold, you get a new clean purse going and then, later (sometimes 2.5 years later) you have something to write about in your blog.

After my closet was clean and organized I decided it was probably time to clean out the handbags of all the ample odds and ends. Out of five bags this is what I found. To make this easier think of the items in the circle as on the face of a clock. This is some of what I found:

1:oo- $1.33 in change. I was a little disappointed in this amount. Out of 5 bags you'd think that there would be at least $10.00!

2:00- A wedding favor tag that reads "Eric and Jenni May 2002". It has been so long I had to remember who Eric and Jenni were....Mostly because I didn't know him too well...and quite frankly because that was 2.5 years ago!

3:00- Assorted hard candies, mints and an occasional Sweet N Low package I swiped from various restaurants. You know, if you eat all that candy you want to make sure you have some sugar free sugar to balance it all out.

4:00- A checkbook register. Last Entry: 11/03. Scary.

5:00- Straws and earplugs?

6:00- A single Junior Mint resting on a paint swatch. The color name for that swatch: Coffee.

Confession #2: Yes! For one brief moment I thought about eating that one little Jr Mint...but I didn't do it!

7:oo- A lipgloss and mascara I have been searching for... for 18 months.

8:00- One of three Ritz Crackers. Each one in a different bag.

9:00- Paper clips and a store discount card...from a town I haven't lived in for a year and a half.

10:00- A ladies Bible study nametag.

Confession #3: I was always losing my nametags. I want to tell you this is the only one I have found. But this is true confessions.

11:00- One of many, many, grocery lists and some beads from my daughters broken necklace.

12:00- A plastic fork.

Now in the middle of the circle are various bits and pieces: Pens and pencils that were most likely stolen. If You are reading this and you see a pen that is yours...I am sorry.

Confessions #4- When it comes to your cherished pens and pencils, keep them close to you. I don't mean to steal them but I do.

And last, but certainly not least...Half a dog bone.

This little pile is the organized version....There was lots of other junk that consisted mostly of 1000 receipts from Costco and Kroger.

So there you have it. Some of you think I am an organized and efficient housekeeper. Ok maybe only one person thinks that. But now you know.

Some people shove everything into a closet or into the tub....I just throw it in a handbag.


cdub said...

love the "round-the-clock" potpourri!

Bec said...

wow we are a lot a like I always pull out the needed items then throw the bag in the closet.

Bec said...

wow we are a lot a like I always pull out the needed items then throw the bag in the closet.